Kang Hyuk, head coach of KOGAS, “Revealed the 2024-2025 season” … Cho Dong-hyun, head coach of Hyundai Mobis, “Focus on the playoffs”

“We have revealed the 2024-2025 season” (Kang Hyuk, head coach of KOGAS)

“We will focus on the playoffs” (Hyundai Mobis head coach Cho Dong-hyun)

Daegu KOGAS won 82-78 against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the sixth round of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball Association (KBA) Finals at Daegu Gymnasium on Saturday. The victory snapped an 11-game losing streak in the home finals. With the victory, KOGAS clinched seventh place and improved to 21-32 on the season.

Andrew Nicholson (F, 206 cm) led the way with 27 points, 12 rebounds, and two steals. He came through in the clutch. Park Ji-hoon (F, 193 cm) was also solid with 15 points, including three 3-pointers, five rebounds and two assists. 온라인카지노 Shin Joo-young (199 cm, C) and Sam Joseph Belangel (177 cm, G) also scored in double figures.

“This was our last game at home for the 2023-2024 season, and we haven’t beaten Hyundai Mobis all season,” said KOGAS head coach Kang Hyuk after the game. The players presented the victory in front of the home fans and broke the Hyundai Mobis jinx. We announced the 2024-2025 season. “I’m very grateful to the players,” said the team.

“Gage Prim scored a lot of points against us. We were solid on defense. I told the guys not to lose the rebounding battle. We also promised to limit our turnovers at key times. We had our fair share of turnovers, but the players didn’t lose focus in other areas,” he praised.

Coach Kang Hyuk reflected on the season. The team had to overcome various adversities, including an injury to their No. 1 option, foreign player Isaiah Hicks (204 cm, F).

“From the beginning of the season, we faced a lot of bad luck, including injuries to foreign players. I’m also a rookie coach. I couldn’t get the team to gel. The players became stronger with each round. The teamwork improved, and we became more cohesive. Our defense improved, and we played better. We’ll continue this in the 2024-2025 season. It’s what will allow us to play well.”

“A lot of people picked us to finish last before the season. The players worked really hard. I give them a lot of credit for competing in the six-team playoffs. The confidence of ‘we can do it’ will bring us good performances and results in the 2024-2025 season. We can play spring basketball,” he smiled.

Hyundai Mobis, on the other hand, has lost four straight games. The sixth-ranked team is now 25-27 on the season.

Gage Prim (206 cm, C) completed a double-double with 23 points and 10 rebounds, while Lee Woo-seok (196 cm, G/F) chipped in with 19 points, seven rebounds, two assists, and one steal. Shin Min-seok (197 cm, F) also exploded in the fourth quarter. He finished with 10 points, six rebounds, three assists, and two steals.

“We played better in the third and fourth quarters than in the first and second quarters,” said Hyundai Mobis head coach Cho Dong-hyun after the game. We showed a lot of positivity. Win or lose, it’s encouraging. The players are struggling physically. We have one week left until the playoffs. We’ll rest well and prepare. We’ll find a solution.”

Finally, he added: “I don’t know about (Park) Mubin and (Miguel Andre) Ojozon. We’re checking their condition after every match. I want to win at least one game to change the atmosphere, but I’m worried about pushing too hard and getting injured. I will try to communicate with the players between matches. I will focus on the playoffs. We’ll try to organize the game in a way that takes into account the players’ fitness.”

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