“(Heo) Ye-eun, don’t be discouraged!” The best in skill, the best in mind… Park Ji-soo who was an ace

Once again, it was Park Ji-soo who saved the day for KB.

Cheongju KB Stars won 64-60 against Asan Woori WON in the second round of the Woori Bank Woori WON Women’s Professional Basketball Championship at Cheongju Gymnasium on Saturday.

‘National treasure center’ Park Ji-soo showed her true colors. She scored 37 points and grabbed 20 rebounds to help pull her team out of the hole.

“It was a pressure game, and we were mentally shaken after losing the first game despite having a lot of fans in attendance. It wasn’t easy to recover quickly, but it wasn’t over and we couldn’t give up, so I thought, ‘Let’s not lose twice in front of our home fans. I don’t know what the match was like, but I just want to show the result. I’m sorry I didn’t say thank you, 텍사스홀덤사이트 and I’m sure they’ll make a home atmosphere in Asan, so I’ll do my best.”

“When you catch it from the high post, it’s an early offense pattern, so unless you run first, you have to catch it when you run second. I’m trying to make that move, but for the first time this season, my ball control is weak. I don’t see it when I need to see it, or I miss a lot of chances like that, so I feel like I’m not good enough. When we played Woori Bank, we had a low percentage of mid-range shots throughout the regular season and played a lot in the post. I think that’s why I play a lot in the post, because I think it’s more beneficial to be inside. We can shoot the mid-range shot, but if we do, we have a weakness in rebounding, so we try to shoot inside as much as possible, which became more prominent in the first two games.”

On Woori’s wide spacing, he said, “I just think it’s too hard. We use different matchup zones than other teams, but Wooribank uses a wide court, so our defense has a lot more range. Even if the team helps me, it’s really hard. But it’s a defense that tries to save my energy, and other players run full speed to cover me. In the first game, sometimes I was selfish and didn’t go out, but I thought I shouldn’t do that because my teammates were covering me and I thought I should go out to prevent them from making a three, and today I tried to go to the corner a lot. I shouldn’t go to the corner as much as possible, but I do because it’s not a good situation. You can’t block everything, and I’m thinking about that a lot. I’m thinking that I have to push fast, and since I can’t stop them all, I think I have to accept that to some extent.”

Heo Ye-eun, who entered the interview room with Soo-hoon, kept apologizing to Park Ji-soo. But Park Ji-soo was ace.

“Today, I don’t know if Ye-eun intended it or not, but she said she was more comfortable laying up and letting me get the rebound rather than passing in a crowded area, but I want to praise her for shooting it, whether it was a U-foul or a fast break three-pointer. It gave us time to breathe and we were able to pull it out at the end. I thought we were able to win the game because of Ye Eun-yi’s contribution in the final period.”

“Now we’re going to Asan and it’s going to be tough. But I think they will be harder than us, I think it will be the same situation and we will be more focused, and I think they feel that Ye Eun-i was not good, but I admit that in the first game she looked rushed, but I think she did well in the second game, but I think she can be discouraged because she didn’t score or anything like that, but I think she did well. I think I can do better in the third game. Ye-eun said she leaned on me a lot and apologized for putting pressure on me, but I didn’t even realize I scored 37 points today. I don’t feel any pressure at all, it’s a team sport, so I think everyone has pressure, not just me. I hope it’s not too much, and I hope we can work together and make each other do well. I think something good will come out of it because we will raise the atmosphere and do the ceremony. I’m in charge of the ceremony, so I’ll do my best and raise the tension,” he encouraged.

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