“I said I was going to run, but—” Park Ji-hoon, Jung Kwan-jang, sprained his ankle and had to withdraw.

Park Ji-hoon (28, 184 cm) left the game with an ankle injury.

Anyang Jungkwanjang lost 85-94 in the second round of the 2023-2024 Jungkwanjang Pro Basketball League against Suwon KT at 카지노사이트 Anyang Gymnasium on Thursday. The loss dropped the team to 9-5 on the season and dropped them from second to fourth place.

The loss was even bigger than the win. Starting point guard Park Ji-hoon suffered an ankle injury. Park sprained his right ankle in the third quarter when his legs got tangled up with Han Hee-won. He went down and complained of pain, then retreated to the bench to be tended to by trainers.

He tried to play in the fourth quarter by cycling, but coach Kim Sang-sik stopped him. After the game, he walked out of the gym on his own. The injury doesn’t appear to be serious.

After the game, Coach Kim Sang-sik said, “He re-injured his ankle, which he sprained earlier in the game. He wanted to play, but I stopped him. I gave him a break because we have another game in two days.”

“He said he was fine, so I left the gym without icing it. He might not have felt the pain because he was playing. We’ll have to see if he needs a medical checkup tomorrow (Nov. 25).”

Jung Kwan-jang will face the leading Wonju DB at home on the 26th. Whether Park Ji-hoon can play without any problems or not will affect the outcome of the match.

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