A Gangneung city councilor who used a city-supervised golf course and booked rounds for himself and his acquaintances at preferred times has been accused by a civic group of abusing his position. The civic organization Gangneung Citizen Action held a press conference at Gangneung City Hall on the 20th and said, “Member A of the Gangneung City Council booked and used a local golf course at the request of not only himself but also his acquaintances several times at his preferred time .”The golf course is operated under a private business agreement with Gangneung City and is under the city’s management and supervision .However, Mr. A is the chairman of the city council committee in charge of the city’s sports department. In particular, the golf course can be reserved and used from 5:02 p.m. during the nighttime hours, which are limited from April to October, but Representative A repeatedly reserved and used the golf course at 4:55 p.m., a time when it is not open, Gangneung Citizen Action alleged .It added that golfers during this time included other members of the Gangneung City Council and representatives of local businesses .Gangneung Citizen Action went on to allege abuse of office by the lawmaker, saying, “As A’s unauthorized reservation and use of the golf course continued several times and caused operational problems, a worker at the golf course raised the issue in late July, but the worker received a dismissal notice from the company.” In response, Gangneung Citizen Action reported Representative A to the National Human Rights Commission for violations of laws on corruption and acceptance of money and other items, and Gangneung Police Department for abuse of office. The 바카라사이트 lawmaker reportedly expressed his opinion that he would “refrain.”

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