South Korean tennis sensation Kwon Soon-woo (25, Dangjin City Hall) put the disappointment of his Davis Cup exit behind him as he boarded a plane for Hangzhou, China.”I was disappointed with the Davis Cup, but it helped me improve my game and was a good study and experience,” Kwon told reporters before departing for Hangzhou at Incheon International Airport on Tuesday .The South Korean men’s tennis team, including Kwon Soon-woo, returned home the day before after being eliminated in the group stage of the Davis Cup in Spain. Kwon Soon-woo, who said he would use the call as a consolation prize, said, “I’m in good shape as I played the national team. I think we will have a good result,” he said .Kwon Soon-woo was sidelined with a shoulder injury in February this year before returning to the court at the US Open last month. “It hasn’t been long since I came back, but I played a lot of big matches before that, so I think I’m about 70 to 80 percent (fit),” he said. Kwon will also be playing doubles with his best friend Hong Seong-chan (Sejong City Hall) at the tournament. The pair are both dealing with military service issues. “We are both more eager because it is our last chance,” says Kwon, “and we will work hard to win the gold medal. We have high hopes that we can win the gold medal. “As for her competitors, including China’s Zhang Zhizhen (ranked 60th in the world) and Wu Yibing (ranked 98th), she said, “Chinese players are strong, and players from other countries are also strong, but you only get one chance, so you don’t know the outcome.” “If you play like you’re crazy, good things will happen,” she added .He is dating Yoo Bin, a former member of the girl group Wonder Girls, and said they had dinner together the night before to cheer him on.”My family cheered me on and my girlfriend cheered me on a lot,” he said, adding, “I got good energy. “Women’s rifle standout Lee Eun-seo (Seosan City Government) also expressed her ambition to win gold .In particular, she hopes to help revitalize Korean shooting, which has lost ground on the world stage. “I know that shooting has won the first medal at every Asian Games, but I’m not too conscious of it,” she said, “but I hope that shooting will win a lot of medals and gain momentum this time around. “As for China, who will have home advantage, he said, “I’m not too worried about (noise issues),” adding, “I’ve prepared very hard and I’m confident. I hope to win the gold medal,” she said. The Korean athletes departing today include 14 in tennis, 17 in shooting, 22 in hockey and seven in skateboarding. 안전놀이터 Choi Yoon and Jang Jae-geun, head of the National Athletes’ Village, along with 35 officials, also left today.

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