A shooting sport known as popinjay or papingo is played using either rifles or archery equipment. Aiming vertically at a variety of feather clusters is a direct legacy of the longbowmen’s practice on docked ships. Also known as parrot archery. Not very common in the UK, but for some reason hugely popular in Belgium.

Popinjay’s archery variation has been practiced since at least the fifteenth century. An annual popinjay competition is also organized by the Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers. The competition is thought to have started in 1483, although trustworthy records only go back to 1688, the year some archers broke away from The Irvine Archers to found The Kilwinning Archers. According to a custom that dates back to 1488, the victor receives a round of wine and the Captain’s Band, a scarlet ribbon worn over the shoulder and across the chest.

A silver arrow was awarded as a prize in 1724, and it later evolved into a perpetual trophy to which the winner would affix a medallion each year to mark the occasion. The award is often referred to as the “Papingo Arrow.”

Popinjay is a game where the goal is to knock plastic birds off their perches. Typically, there are a few birds, with the “Cock” scoring 5, four Hens scoring 3, and at least 24 Chicks scoring one each. The 토토사이트 highest score is achieved by striking and knocking the top cluster off its perch. Clusters positioned lower down have a smaller weight.

Some significant safety issues need to be taken into account. Only one archer may be targeted at once. After the single shot is fired, all archers should either stand to one side of the pole or duck under a safety net. The arrows are changed to include rubber tips because firing in the air carries a certain amount of risk.

Small bore rifles or crossbows are typically used in this sport. For targeting, a target that resembles a popinjay bird is suspended from a pole or mast. The archer launches arrows upward at the birds from a position close to the mast’s base. In this sport, popinjays are occasionally shot horizontally rather than vertically.

Many clubs in Belgium have installed popinjay masts permanently. In addition to being fired vertically, popinjay can also be shot horizontally, however this variation is less common. Popinjay has no universally recognized rules. National archery organizations are in charge of defining the regulations.


Pole Archery is the name of the sport in Manitoba, Canada. Three clubs are shooting Vertical at the moment. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, are two clubs. The Canadian Pole Archery clubs use a somewhat different system for awarding points. The very tip is added to the five rows of “Birds.” The birds are simply referred to as “Singles” for the first three rows up from the bottom and are worth one point each. The four “Kullas” birds in the fourth row are each worth two points. Two “Sides” birds, on the fifth row, are each worth three points. The “King” bird, which is put on the very tip of the shooting fork and is worth 4 points, is referred to as the “Queen.” The archer with the most points at the end of an hour-long match typically wins.


There are popinjay archery clubs in Ontario, Canada, and Michigan, USA, that shoot horizontally at the tilted indoor “perch” (or “rack”) at a distance of 65 feet (19.8 m). Known as liggende wip, this 스포츠토토 horizontal popinjay variant comes from Flanders. The “birds” are actually “blocks” (typically made of plastic) with feathers attached by a thin wire and a hole at the base for sliding onto the pin of the perch.

The goal of the sport is to utilize an arrow without a sight that has a blunt plastic or rubber tip known as a “block” (not to be confused with the base of the birds). Members with the most points in their division or category at the end of the season are given awards.

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