F1 Verstafen Achieves 16 wins in the Mexican Grand Prix

F1 Verstafen achieves 16 wins in the Mexican GP… Breaking the record for ‘most wins in a single season’

Max Verstafen (Red Bull), who early confirmed the 2023 Formula One (F1) World Championship ‘Driver Champion’, broke the record for ‘most wins ever in a single season’ at the Mexican Grand Prix (GP).

Max Verstafen

Verstafen recorded a time of 2 hours, 2 minutes, 30.814 seconds at the 20th round Mexican Grand Prix of the F1 World Championship held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Circuit (4.304 km, 71 laps) in Mexico City, Mexico on the 30th (Korean time), led by Lewis.

He was the first to receive the checkered flag, ahead of Hamilton (Mercedes) by 13.875 seconds.

With this, Perstafen recorded his 16th win this season and rewrote his own ‘most wins in a single season’ record. 스포츠토토

The previous record was 15 wins set by Perstafun last year.

The race on this day started off chaotically with an accident occurring from the first lap.

Verstafen, who placed 3rd in the preliminaries and was placed on the 3rd grid in the final,

quickly made his way through the gap between Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz,who occupied the 1st and 2nd grids at the start, and took the lead from the first corner. Got it.

Driver Champion

Verstafen’s teammate Sergio Pérez, who is from Mexico and is competing at home,

also started from 5th on the grid and moved up the rankings, chasing Leclerc ahead of the first corner.

However, as he was about to overtake on the outside ahead of the corner,

the right rear wheel of Perez’s machine collided with the left front wheel of Leclerc’s machine, causing him to deviate from the course.

In the end, Perez retired without even completing the first lap amid the sighs of the home fans.

Afterwards, while Verstafen’s run continued, on lap 32, an accident occurred when Kevin Magnussen’s (Haas) machine entered a corner, lost control, spun, and hit the safety wall hard.

It was a serious accident in which the suspension was severely damaged and the rear wheel caught fire.

Magnussen, who escaped safely, eventually retired, and the red flag was raised due to this accident, temporarily stopping the race.

After the safety barrier was fixed, the race restarted at the starting line in round 36,

Max Verstafen, who took the first place, stood on the highest podium, shaking off Hamilton’s pursuit.

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