‘Suspicion of Referee Bribery’ Barca Wins 1-0 over Sevilla

‘Suspicion of Referee Bribery’ Barca Wins 1-0 over Sevilla… 8 Games Undefeated

Sevilla management refused to watch… Barcelona issues statement of regret

FC Barcelona

In the Spanish professional soccer Primera Liga, where suspicions of referee bribery arose,

FC Barcelona sacrificed Sevilla, which collapsed due to an own goal,

continued its undefeated streak in the opening eight games.

Barcelona won 1-0 in the 8th round away game of the 2023-2024 Primera Liga against Sevilla held at the Estadi Olympique Lluis Kompanis in Barcelona, ​​Spain on the 30th (Korean time).

As a result, Barcelona went undefeated with 6 wins and 2 draws in the opening 8 games,

taking the lead by one point over Girona (19 points, 6 wins, 1 draw),

which had played one less game. 바카라사이트

Barcelona attempted 18 shots that day, but failed to hit the net.

Instead, they achieved a difficult victory thanks to an own goal by Seville’s ‘veteran defender’ Sergio Ramos.

Barcelona, ​​who finished the first half scoreless, gave up Ferran Torres’ cross in the 31st minute of the second half

when Ramin Yamal soared from the right side of the goal area and headed a pass toward Fermin Lopes.

However, the ball hit the foot of Seville center back Ramos,

who was heading toward the goal, and was sucked into the goal, resulting in an own goal.

Sevilla also tried to score with 15 shots on the day,

but all were in vain, and suffered their 4th loss (2 wins, 1 draw) at home.

Spanish Football Association

Meanwhile, prior to today’s game, Sevilla issued a statement criticizing Barcelona for the Spanish police’s search and seizure of the Spanish Football Association in connection with Barcelona’s suspicion of bribing referees on the 28th.

Last March, Spanish prosecutors accused Barcelona of paying more than 7.3 million euros (about 10.4 billion won)

over 17 years to a company owned by Jose Maria Enriques Negreira,

who served as vice-chairman of the refereeing committee from 1994 to 2018.

A complaint against the vice-chairman and former Barcelona executives has been formally submitted to the court.

Sevilla said, “We express our anger and condemnation toward the former Barcelona executives who were indicted in the ‘Negreira incident’, which was considered a crime by the court.”

“Our club’s management will not be sitting in the VIP section for this game,” he announced.

In response, FC Barcelona also said in an official statement,

“We officially regret that Sevilla unjustifiably attacked our club,” and added,

“Sevilla ignored the principle of presumption of innocence and took illogical actions that denied Barcelona’s right to defense.

He responded by saying, “We will sever all institutional ties with Seville.”

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