BHSN aims to deliver top legal AI service for businesses

BHSN CEO Lim Jeong-geun, center, speaks during a press conference introducing its AI legal service Allibee at Dream Plus Gangnam in Seoul, Wednesday. Korea Times photo by Baek Byung-yeul

BHSN, a local AI startup, aims to support enterprise clients streamline legal tasks, such as drafting contracts, through its artificial intelligence-based legal service, Allibee, its CEO Lim Jeong-geun said Wednesday.

At the press conference, the CEO explained the changes in the generative AI market, emphasizing that AI legal service is a global trend reflecting strong market demand.

“Allibee focuses on helping corporate clients streamline their legal tasks, including contracts and legal advice. It assists companies in determining when legal review is necessary for their business operations,” the CEO said.

The CEO added that Allibee is a cloud computing-based AI legal service that supports corporate contract management and legal work efficiency based on BHSN’s self-developed large language model specialized for legal matters.

Established in 2020, BHSN provides this service to major domestic companies such as SK Telecom and CJ CheilJedang.

When a client inputs a lengthy contract into Allibee, it summarizes the key points within seconds and suggests improvements based on the company’s set guidelines.

Sharing its vision, the BHSN CEO stated that BHSN aims to become a comprehensive business-to-business service provider supporting corporate decision-making processes and business strategy development.

“We plan to expand Allibee’s functionalities beyond 안전 contract and legal advisory efficiency to support business decision-making and strategy formulation for corporations, government and public administration and law firms, thereby broadening our service scope as a comprehensive B2B solution,” he said.

Furthermore, the company aims to actively seek business opportunities in Japan this year and expand into English-speaking Asian countries, as well as Vietnam and China, Lim said.

“We aim to expand our business globally, starting with the Japanese market this year, and to become an all-in-one AI business solution company that innovates business processes and shortens workflows through legal AI technology,” the CEO said.

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