Yang Min-hyuk signs professional contract with Gangwon in 3 months

Gangwon FC President Kim Byung-ji has made another surprise announcement. The team has signed a professional contract with Yang Min-hyuk, the “18-year-old monster” who has been shaking up the K League this season.

Kim Byung-ji officially announced the signing of Yang Min-hyuk through Gangwon’s official YouTube channel at 9 p.m. on the 17th.

Kim Byung-ji turned on the live broadcast at 9 p.m. and communicated with fans. After answering questions for 30 minutes, Yang Min-hyuk appeared as a ‘surprise guest’.

“I came to sign a professional contract,” he said, revealing the reason for his appearance. It’s only been three months since he stepped onto the K League stage.

CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “Today, Yang Min-hyuk is signing a professional contract. He has been a semi-professional until now, and the (normal) flow is to sign a professional contract in December, but I think the performance that Yang Min-hyuk is showing in the K-League is showing a higher level of soccer skills beyond the K-League.” “I think it’s right for him to sign a professional contract now, not a semi-professional. I would like him to advance his plans as a professional player by about six months. We wanted to qualify Yang Min-hyuk as soon as possible for his ability.”

Starting next season, Yang Min-hyuk’s salary is expected to increase significantly. When asked by a fan whether his salary would increase to 1 billion won, Kim Byung-ji said, “His current performance is worth 1 billion won.”

“If he wins the MVP of the season, I’ll give him 100 million more,” Kim 메이저사이트 said.

Yang Min-hyuk, who signed an official professional contract, said, “My biggest dream is to continue to perform well for Gangwon,” and added, “I feel proud to have gone from semi-professional to professional, and I think I can perform better. The amount of money I get paid is different, so I feel a sense of responsibility,” he said.

Kim Byung-ji expressed his wish to remove the word ‘continue.’ He said, “If a good club offers Yang Min-hyuk, he should run for Korea and his dreams. It’s good to sign a lifetime contract, but I hope he can grow even bigger, promote Gangwon and Korea, and play a role as a guide for younger players.”

Semi-professional contracts expire on December 31st of the year in which the player enters his senior year of high school, meaning 토토사이트 that Yang Min-hyuk’s contract is valid until this year, but Kangwon recognized the player’s skills early on and offered him professional status.

Yang Min-hyuk has five goals and three assists in 17 K League 1 games this season. He has become Gangwon’s ace with his age-defying dribbling and sharp shooting. After battling the relegation zone last year, Gangwon is currently second in the league behind Ulsan HD thanks to Yang’s emergence.


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