Na Seong-beom’s sluggish performance, is it because of ABS? Director Beom-ho Lee “I feel a little intimidated.”

“A ball that is difficult to hit is judged as a strike We will overcome it.”

KIA Na Seong-beom

KIA Tigers coach Lee Beom-ho diagnosed that Na Seong-beom (34), the main hitter who has been showing poor performance recently, seems to be having difficulty adapting to the Automatic Pitching System (ABS).

Coach Lee Beom-ho said, “This season, Na Seong-beom seems a little intimidated because balls on courses that are difficult to hit due to ABS are judged as strikes,” ahead of the 2024 professional baseball visiting game against SSG Landers held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 12th. “We react aggressively to balls that go slightly out of the zone, so there are a lot of missed balls,” he said. 메이저사이트

Coach Lee predicted that Na Seong-beom’s slump would not last long.

Coach Lee said, “There are times when you are faced with a lot of particularly difficult balls during your career as a player,” and encouraged him, “At such times, slumps tend to occur, but Na Seong-beom will overcome them well.

Na Seong-beom is going through a difficult time this year.

He was out of action for over a month last March due to a ruptured muscle (hamstring) on ​​the back of his right thigh, and after returning at the end of April, he has not been able to display his previous skills. 슬롯사이트

As of the 11th, he had posted a batting average of 0.227, 6 home runs, and 23 RBI in 34 games this season.

Na Seong-beom recorded a batting average of .300 in 9 of his 11 professional seasons from 2014 to last year when he played for the NC Dinos.

The only times he raised his batting average to .200 were in 2013 (0.243), his debut season in the first team, and in the 2021 season (0.281).

Manager Lee Beom-ho also adjusted Na Seong-beom from the 3rd batting order to the 5th batting order that day.

Manager Lee said, “I decided to make hitting more comfortable,” and added, “Once the batting pace picks up again, we will readjust the batting order.” 토토사이트 순위

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