The Hanwha Eagles have brought hope to the game

The Hanwha Eagles of the Korean professional baseball league have brought hope to the game. The Hanwha Eagles provided an unforgettable experience and memories for high school and college players who will lead the future of Korean baseball.

The Hanwha Eagles Bae High School vs. College All-Star Game, co-hosted by Hanwha and the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA), was held at the Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on June 6. The high school all-star team won the game 12-2, and about 700 spectators attended the game. On Hanwha’s own broadcast ‘Eagles TV’, the game was viewed by up to 8,100 concurrent viewers and 96,000 cumulative views, attracting considerable attention from baseball fans, even though it overlapped with a professional baseball game.

Hanwha established the competition for the first time last year. With the first-round rookie pick system set to be eliminated in 2022 and a full draft implemented, Hanwha sought ways to support amateur baseball beyond its home region. 바카라사이트 Hanwha’s scouting team leader Jung Min-hyuk came up with the idea for the All-Star Game to motivate student-athletes, and with the full support of Hanwha and the KBSA-Korean Collegiate Baseball Federation, the event was launched last year.

Hanwha, which was recognized for its contribution to the development of amateur baseball through the successful inaugural event, said, “It is the role and duty of a professional baseball organization to support the development of amateur baseball. We sincerely promised to make it a regular event, not a one-time event,” and this year, we held the second edition.

Like last year, Hanwha covered all expenses for transportation, accommodation, and food for 48 players, 24 from each team.

The players stayed at a hotel in Daejeon from the afternoon before the tournament. In addition, a tablet PC was awarded as the tournament MVP prize, and smartwatches were given to the best pitcher, best right-handed hitter, winning team manager, and home run race winner. We also donated 5 million won to the Amaya Baseball Development Fund.

But the best gifts were the heartfelt messages of support. As the top high school and college prospects gathered together, scouts from 10 KBO clubs also converged on Daejeon. At the idea of Team Manager Jung Min-hyuk, scouts from the 10 clubs wrote messages for each participating player on the memorial ball, and the scouting team leaders of the 10 clubs delivered them to the players before the game. The messages, which captured the characteristics of each player, 바카라사이트 추천 resonated with the players.

Jung Woo-ju, a 156-kilometer fireballer who received a commemorative ball with the message “Untouchable KBO Future Ace,” said, “Thank you for the nice words. The scouts’ sincerity was evident in the fact that Jeong, who has received interest from major league clubs, decided to stay in Korea to compete in the KBO draft instead of going directly to the United States.

The memorial for Jung Woo-ju and the No. 1 overall pick, left-handed pitcher Jeong Hyun-woo (Duk Soo-go), read “ACE,” meaning “strong positive energy in softness. Jung said, “I think it’s a positive evaluation. I hear a lot of positive words, and I think I am positive myself,” he said with a bright smile.

Outfielder Oshifu received a commemorative banner that read, “Tough swing, 2025 outfielder expectation

Outfielder Oshifu (Duksugo), who was the only high school sophomore to win the tournament MVP, received a commemorative banner that read, “Tough swing, 2025 outfielder expectation. “I think the scouts have high expectations for me,” said Oshifu, who will be entering his junior year next year, “and I’m grateful to the Hanwha Eagles for organizing this tournament. I had a good experience, and thanks to that, I won’t be nervous when I go to bigger tournaments in the future.”

The All-Star Game, which served as a showcase for the 2025 KBO Rookie Draft, which will take place later in the year, showcased the tremendous promise of the up-and-coming talent. In addition to Jeong Woo-ju, who topped out at 156 mph four times, seven pitchers hit 150 mph or more on TrackMan, including Bibongo’s Park Jung-hoon, Seoul’s Kim Young-woo (over 154 mph), Duksugo’s Kim Tae-hyung (153 mph), Gongju’s Yang Su-ho (152 mph), Bae Myung-ro’s Park Se-h (151 mph), and Jeong Hyun-woo (150 mph).

With scouts and spectators in the crowd, the players unknowingly exuded more energy. “I didn’t really try to throw fastballs, but because there were a lot of fans there, I think something naturally boiled up and I threw more fastballs,” said Jung. 메이저 토토사이트 Today was the first time I officially threw 156 kilometers,” he said. “It was really comfortable and fun to play as a team with good players,” said Jeong Hyun-woo.

For the players, it was an unforgettable experience in a professional stadium, and for the scouts, it was a great opportunity to observe and evaluate players. For the second year in a row, the Hanwha Eagles Bae High School vs. College All-Star Game has become one of the most popular events in amayague.

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