Suwon brothers go head-to-head, who’s next?

Suwon smiles in the matchup between affiliated schools.

On June 6, the sixth day of the National Boys and Girls Basketball Gimcheon Tournament of the 2024 Federation Presidency was held in Gimcheon City, Gyeongsangbuk-do. The day was the final day of the boys’ secondary and high school round of 16 finals, and the round of 16 matchups between affiliated schools stood out.

First up was the men’s middle school round of 16 at the Victorio Gymnasium in Seonguigo, where Suwon Samiljung and Incheon Annamjung met. 카지노사이트 The two teams are affiliated schools of Suwon Samilgo and Incheon Jemulpogo, respectively.

Samiljung finished the first quarter with a 15-20 deficit, but took control in every quarter afterward to defeat Annamjung 89-44. Shin Yubum, who scored 15 points in the third quarter alone, dominated the game with 33 points, 14 rebounds, six steals, and two blocks.

Next up was the boys’ final at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium. Here, the round of 16 match between Samilgo and Jemulpogo began. The two teams met in the group stage of the South High School Division in the last association championships, and Jemulpogo had the last laugh. The victorious Jemulpogo advanced to the finals, while the defeated Samilgo was eliminated.

The two teams met in the quarterfinals. A seesaw game ensued, and Samilgo started the fourth quarter with a 56-57 deficit. However, Wee Jin-seok’s height proved to be an advantage, as he scored nine points in the fourth quarter alone to give his team a 72-66 victory. Samilgo avenged their loss in the last tournament and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Samil, which was all smiles in the matchup against Suinseon, will face a sibling school in the quarterfinals. Samil will face Yongsan Middle School in the quarterfinals of the South Central Division and Yongsan High School in the quarterfinals of the High School Division on May 7. It will be interesting to see which team will have the last laugh in the matchup between the two schools.

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