Matei Kok Responded to the Coach’s Consideration

Matei Kok Responded to the Coach’s Consideration, “I Repay with a Sense of Responsibility and Good Performance”

Men’s volleyball Woori Card Matei Kok (registered name Matei) lived up to Coach Shin Young-cheol’s expectations.

Matei led the team to victory in the KEPCO match held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 4th, scoring 26 points (45.65% attack success rate), including 3 serve aces and 2 blocking scores.

As a result, Woori Card (17 wins, 9 losses) beat second place Korean Air (47 points, 15 wins, 11 losses) and reached 50 points. 바카라사이트

Matei Kok

This is especially good news for coach Shin Young-cheol, who had been concerned about Mattei’s recent slump.

Matei scored 141 points, had an attack success rate of 46.93%, and served 0.167 points per set in 6 games in the last 4 rounds, which was his worst round record this season.

Accordingly, Coach Shin recently gave Mattei discretion over training the day after the game.

It was a measure that reflected the desire for Matei Kok to manage his condition as he wished,

while also asking him to fulfill his responsibilities as the team’s ace.

Director Shin also expressed his earnestness by saying,

“If you say you need to drink a bottle of wine in the evening to feel good, I can have it with you.”

As if in repayment, Matei played his role as the main gun perfectly,

scoring double-digit scores alone for Woori Card on this day.

After finishing the game, Mattei said, “I am grateful to the coach for trying to create the best environment and condition possible.

I think I should repay the team with good performance.

I am training and playing with a sense of responsibility.”

Regarding Coach Shin’s remarks about wine, he tactfully replied,

“Personally, I don’t enjoy drinking it, but based on the coach’s experience,

if having a glass of wine helps the game, I would like to drink it together.”

Regarding his play, he said, “My weakness is that I go in quickly when the ball comes up,”

“I need to be able to carry the ball, watch the blocking, and hit it slowly.

I ‘m also trying to vary my attack routes.”

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