Unbelievable Ohtani autographed foul ball costs $20 million

Shohei Ohtani foul ball at an auction house has been priced at a whopping 20 million won.

Bill Shaikan, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, shared a photo of an autographed ball from an auction house on his social media account on April 4 (KST).

The photo shows a Major League Baseball with dirt stains and Ohtani’s autograph. According to the English description underneath the ball, it was a foul ball hit by the Colorado Rockies’ Hermán Marquez on July 26, 2021, the same day that Ohtani won his first MVP award. The ball was autographed by Ohtani himself.

But the amount on the case that holds the ball is surprising. It’s $14,995, which is about $2,027,000 in Japanese yen. This is just an asking price, so we don’t know if it will actually sell for this amount, but it’s an unimaginable amount of money. Typically, 토토사이트 balls with meaningful milestones attached to them, such as a star player’s home run, first hit, or 1,000 hits, fetch higher prices. Add to that the player’s autograph and certain markings, and the value skyrockets.

However, the amount of money that foul balls can fetch is quite surprising. “It’s not even a fair ball, and it’s $14,995,” said reporter Shaikan.

Meanwhile, Ohtani hit his first home run since joining the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 4 against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium. Ohtani presented two hats and a bat to the female fans who caught his first Dodgers home run.

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