Sumire, A Dramatic Victory for Sawfalcosanol Amid ‘Tears’

Sumire, A Dramatic Victory for Sawfalcosanol Amid ‘Tears’… A Landslide Victory Over Im Sang-gyu

After transferring to Korea Kiwi, his performance improved from 2 losses to 4 consecutive wins.

Japan’s ‘Go prodigy’ Sumire Nakamura (15), 3rd dan,

achieved his first dramatic victory amidst tears in the final match of the Sawfalcosanol top knight.

On the 20th, Sumire won a close match against Im Sang-gyu 2nd Dan in the 3rd round of the 5th Sawfalcosanol Best Knight Final

held at K Baduk Studio in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do after a fierce battle that lasted until 312 moves. 온라인카지노

With this, Sumire achieved her first win in the Sawfalcosanol main league after two consecutive losses.

Sumire Nakamura

Sumire, who began his full-fledged career as a guest driver for Korea Kiwon this month,

recorded his first win since his transfer by defeating Chodan Han (15), a player of the same age,

in Group 6-2 of the Professional Knights Association League on the 11th.

In the Professional Knights Association League, he has been on the rise with 4 wins and 2 losses since the transfer,

including defeating senior player Kim Seong-rae,

6th dan, and rookie Lee Tae-seop, 1st dan in succession, recording 3 consecutive wins.

However, unlike the Professional Knights Association League, which is an irregular mechanism,

the victory achieved in the Sawpalcosanol main league,

in which only the top knights who passed the preliminary round participate, is special.

Lim Sang-gyu, whom Sumire faced, is a rookie who joined in 2021,

but he made a sensation by defeating prominent players in the first to third preliminary rounds of Sawfalcosanol and advanced to the finals.

On the other hand, Sumire received a seed from a sponsor and went straight to the main league without going through the preliminary round.

Im Sang-gyu

On this day, Sumire created an advantageous situation by catching Daema in the riverside battle after the mid-game against Im Sang-gyu.

However, towards the end, he made the mistake of wasting a fight in the upper right corner and his situation rapidly deteriorated.

Sumire, who decided that he had ruined the game of Go that he had an advantage over,

made a series of small mistakes and was in tears at the end,

probably because he thought he had lost the match.

However, as a result of wiping away tears and making a final calculation,

Sumire Nakamura dramatically won a thrilling victory by leaving half the house behind.

After the match, Sumire said, “Go was difficult from the beginning, and even after catching the horse in the middle,

I thought it was still difficult,” and explained the difficult match by saying, “I was not sure of victory even though I was trying.”

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