“The perfect striker who does everything”

“The perfect striker who does everything”

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry (47) has fallen head over heels for Harry Kane (31, Bayern Munich).

In an interview with Sky Sports, the Frenchman raved about Kane, calling him “evolving” and a “perfect striker,” according to the Daily Mail.

“His evolution is outstanding. This is why I say that the number of goals doesn’t show the championship, but it doesn’t matter,” he said, adding, “Look how calm he is, there’s very little movement. He hardly moves, and the calmness with which he looks at him says it all,” he praised.

He added: “Kane can use any technique you want to call it. Players like him can take any pass from the midfield and score a goal, and he already does.”

Kane left Tottenham this summer to join Bayern Munich after wanting to break away from the ‘king of nothing’. In his first season in the Bundesliga, 토토사이트 Kane has already scored 27 goals (5 assists) in 24 games, with no adjustment period required. In total, he has 31 goals and eight assists in 32 games.

Kane is a frontline striker.

It’s a position where decisiveness is paramount, as he creates goals through movement in the box. However, since his time at Tottenham, Kane has also dropped into the midfield to create direct links. He did the same at Bayern Munich.

“When I met Kane, I asked him, ‘Do you want to get an assist in this game?’ And he said, ‘To be honest, I’m not satisfied with getting an assist. I need to do more,’” he said, adding that “you know I respect people who speak up and stand up for what they say.”

Henri also compared Kane to Dutch legend Patrick Kluivert, saying, “You know, the way he plays reminds me of Patrick Kluivert, who, as I’ve said many times, was the most perfect striker I ever played against.”

“I’m not saying he’s the best striker of all time, I’m just saying that a complete striker can do everything,” Henri said, adding that “Kane can do everything” and that he is fascinated by Kane’s play.

Finally, 파워볼실시간 he marveled at the way Kane is playing right now, saying, “He can get the ball out to the wingers in midfield and play holding midfielder through the lines when he doesn’t have the ball,” adding, “The way he’s playing right now, he’s a complete striker.”

But despite his struggles, Kane is unlikely to lift a trophy this season. Munich won their 11th consecutive league title last season, but this season they are second in the table behind Leverkusen. Leverkusen, who are unbeaten in the league, have racked up 64 points (20 wins and four draws), well ahead of second-place Munich, who have 54 points.

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