Jordan has found himself in the position of being pitied

Jordan Henderson, 34, once a world-class midfielder who captained Liverpool in the English Premier League (EPL), has found himself in the position of being pitied by fans. Since his shock move to Al Ittifaq in the Saudi Arabian league last summer, he has failed to recapture his form since escaping to Dutch side Ajax just six months later. Even at Ajax, where he joined in January, he has only made four appearances.

However, Ajax”s bizarre attempt to keep Henderson on the pitch has made him a target of criticism and sympathy from local soccer fans. The club posted a video on their official social media accounts praising Henderson. Ajax posted a short clip of the game to pay tribute to Henderson’s mental strength, but the player didn’t make much of an impact.

The Daily Mail, a British publication, 바카라사이트 reported on May 5 (KST), “Football fans are laughing at Ajax’s ridiculous video of Henderson. The video shows Henderson barely winning a throw-in after battling with an opponent,” the Daily Mail reported.

The club recently posted a short clip on their official social media accounts of Henderson following the ball all the way to the end of the pitch, where he raced the opposition goalkeeper to win a throw-in. It was captioned ‘Mentality, Henderson 100 points’. It’s only about 16 seconds long, and it starts with the Ajax goalkeeper kicking the ball from the box far into the opposition half.

The ball almost goes over the opposing defense and towards the goal, and the opposing goalkeeper comes out to the right corner of the box himself to deal with the ball. Henderson then sprinted from the halfway line and continued to apply pressure, eventually forcing the frantic goalkeeper to kick the ball to the sideline. Henderson then celebrates with an uppercut as if he’s scored a goal.

The video was proudly posted by Ajax, and the reaction from soccer fans was one of bewilderment. It’s obviously a good play, as he chased the ball all the way down to get the throw-in. However, it’s hardly the kind of thing you’d want to post on your official account to praise a player’s ‘mental strength’, 사설 토토사이트 so fans are saying things like, ‘Why don’t you post a clip of Henderson doing something more substantial and constructive’, ‘Hahaha, this is the highlight? He ran hard, didn’t get the ball, and all he did was cheer. He’s one of the worst players I’ve ever seen,’ mocking Ajax and Henderson.

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