Especially in e-sports, why?

TOPSHOT – Richard Tyler Blevins (on screen), aka Ninja, speaks to the crowd at the start of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals – Round Two on July 27, 2019, at Arthur Ashe Stadium, in New York City. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP) (Photo by JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

In e-sports, there is a perception that experts such as coaches, coaches, commentators, and analysts should have active player-level or equivalent game skills.

If fans see similar expertise, experts who are good at games will be recognized more. It would be even better if one can cite high ranking scores as the basis for supporting one’s ability. If the price is the same, it will be a dahong skirt. I will give a simple example. A person with TOEIC scores of 900 points is impossible to communicate with, and if B is fluent in conversation with TOEIC scores of 900 points, it is natural that B draws more attention to B.

E-sports returns to a much more complex mechanism than established sports. The advantages and disadvantages of the situation or the flow of the game are not immediately visible. Taking AOS as an example, even if you are pushed back from global gold, turrets, or kill points, you may not be at a disadvantage in combination.

In addition, because the flow of e-sports itself changes so quickly, the analysis or explanation you just did may not fit at all in a second. In the FPS, there is quite a lot of situations where only one person is left on the team and obviously loses, and there are situations where they catch several opponents and win. As such, understanding and analyzing e-sports events is difficult, complicated, and the standards are ambiguous.

Therefore, things like rank scores and tiers at a glance are intuitive criteria for judging a person’s analytical ability or expertise. The expression ‘So your tier?’ was not created for no reason. It is the gateway to the first verification.

Also, the difference between established sports and e-sports also adds to the atmosphere that ‘experts must have good gaming skills’. Not a lot of fans who watch and watch established sports actually continue to play the game themselves. However, the main audience for e-sports is those who enjoy the game. But what if an e-sports professional’s game rank is similar to or lower than that of himself? Of course, the rank score will stand out rather than the person’s ability.

However, some say that game skills and understanding of games are factors that must be distinguished. A case in point is the story of Moon Kyung-eun, Hyun Joo-yeop, and soccer commentators, which was mentioned in the beginning(안전놀이터) of the article. No sports professional who is considered to be highly professional with excellent recognition, commentary skills, analysis and insight in a word does not have as much skills as an active player or equivalent.

The game won’t be much different here. Even if you don’t have great game skills, if you constantly watch, study, and analyze the game, your understanding and analysis of e-sports games will naturally improve. Of course, it is important to play the game yourself and build up your skills, but it may be difficult to say that the person’s current game skills (ranks) represent professionalism right away. And if his analysis or explanation is close to the correct answer with a high probability, it is not easier to denigrate his ability on the grounds that his game skills are low.

It’s not about whether an e-sports professional was a player or a non-player. Even if you were a professional gamer, if you don’t constantly study about the game, you won’t be able to be recognized for your expertise no matter how good your game skills are. The point is that both players and non-players prioritize having the ability to study and analyze games rather than their game skills.

Just as professional gamers make efforts to sharpen their game skills to win competition matches, active e-sports experts in each field are sharpening their skills that fit their field. They are just using the time that is equally given to each person differently depending on their role. Changes in perception and atmosphere will allow them to see more objectively and clearly when evaluating a person.

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