The youngest pillar of the national team is thriving

Ha Yoon-ki talks about his center brothers.

The South Korean men’s national basketball team will take on Thailand in a Group A matchup at the Wonju General Gymnasium in Wonju, Gangwon-do, South Jeolla Province, on Feb. 25 in the 2025 FIBA Asia Cup Qualifying Window 1.

Ahead of the game, the team completed a brief team training session at the Wonju General Gymnasium on the afternoon of Thursday. 토토사이트 The team arrived in Wonju at dawn on the 24th, but the players were in good spirits.

“Our defense was good in the first half,” said Ha Yoon-ki, the youngest center on the team. We didn’t allow our opponents to score many points. We tried to go out with a good flow in the second half through our prepared defense, but it was unfortunate that we lost important rebounds in the fourth quarter. We’ll do a better job of controlling rebounds,” he said of the Australia game.

Ha has often faced foreign players in the league. Her experience in the league has translated to the international arena. Ha Yoon-ki was active under the basket against Australia’s height. In 24 minutes and 32 seconds as a starter, she had nine points, four rebounds, and one block.

“Actually, I don’t know if I’m doing well,” Ha said, “In the league, there is one foreign player on the court who is strong and good. But in international competitions, all the opponents on the court are big and strong. But I’ve blocked a lot of foreign players, so I thought I could do it if I tried my best to block them. My brothers (Ra) Gun-ah and (Kim) Jong-kyu helped me a lot, and I trusted them, so I was able to play with confidence.”

Currently, the national team’s centers are Ra Gun-ah, Kim Jong-kyu, and Ha Yoon-ki. Ha Yoon-ki is learning from his older brothers and is on his way to becoming the next national center.

“I’m learning a lot from watching Gun-ah and Jong-kyu play,” says Ha. I am taking responsibility and learning from them and gaining experience in international competitions. I will play hard and try to win the game against Thailand. I want to make sure that many fans who come to the stadium can enjoy watching the national team play and have fun.”

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