Eden Hazard reflects on his life.

Eden Hazard (33, Belgium), who became a world-class player at Chelsea and ended his career at Real Madrid, reflects on his life.

Hazard joined Chelsea from Lille in 2012, where he reached his peak. In seven seasons with the Blues, Azpilicueta scored 110 goals and provided 92 assists in 352 games, establishing himself as one of the Premier League’s best players, playing in a variety of positions across the attack.

The world-class player moved to Real in 2019. The €100 million deal, which runs until 2024, 카지노사이트 is a testament to the club’s high hopes for him.

However, his time in a Real shirt has been a disaster.

His performance declined due to a lack of discipline, frequent injuries, and a poor diet. After four seasons and 76 games with seven goals (12 assists), he announced his retirement in December 2022.

On April 4 (KST), Azpilicueta spoke to France’s L’Equipe and dismissed his rapid decline after moving from Chelsea to Real as a result of his indiscriminate eating habits and lifestyle, according to the UK’s Mirror.

“Early on in my career, I hardly rested. My body was on fire. It’s not because I ate this or that,” he said, adding, “I tell myself I can’t prove it. People who think they know everything will say ‘it’s because he wasn’t paying attention’.”

“I admit it. “I admit it, everyone has their own opinion,” he continued, “At Real I had one injury after another, sometimes I didn’t even know how or why. I would wake up and get out of bed and I would get hurt. My body was tired and I couldn’t do anything more. I should have rested, but I didn’t.”

Azhar was also criticized for his unprofessional diet, which included eating hamburgers.

This led to him being nicknamed “hamburger type”. He was also criticized by Real fans for being overweight, which led to him being labeled a “burger”.

“But I didn’t go to McDonald’s every day. I played professionally for 16 years. I didn’t make it important,” he said, adding, “I’m a person who enjoys life. I drink with my friends. The day before a fight, I eat at home and have a little bit of alcohol and food.”

“On Boxing Day and Christmas, 카지노사이트 추천 we have raclette and wine. I didn’t know where we were going, but I kept scoring goals while they were telling me to be careful,” he said, adding, “It was strange. I don’t like dieting, it’s useless. I thought that if I could play until I was 40, maybe, but not me. Champagne is always in the fridge,” he added.

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