“Trusier has it in the palm of his hand” Japanese fans react to Vietnam War classic “Trusier is great. Creepy” Praise…Director Moriyasu “Should reflect”

Japanese fans heaped praise on Vietnam coach Philippe Turoussière after Japan were thrashed by Vietnam.

Japan came from behind to beat Vietnam 4-2 in the first match of Group D of the Asia Cup Qualifiers in Qatar on Thursday. They had trailed 1-2.

Trousier led Japan to the round of 16 at the 2002 World Cup 바카라사이트 in South Korea. He knows Japanese soccer like no other.

According to Japanese media, after Vietnam’s unexpected performance, Japanese fans reacted with comments like “Torsier is great” and “It’s like a different team”.

One fan said, “(Japan) has Trucier in the palm of its hand,” while others praised the former Japan national team coach, saying, “Trucier makes a good team,” “Trucier gives me goosebumps,” and “Trucier is great.”

The Vietnamese players were also applauded, with one fan saying, “Compared to the last time I saw Vietnam, they seem to be a different team.” The Vietnamese Eleven have been trained by Torsier.

Regarding the tactics that have not changed since 2002, he said, “Trousier, is it still a three-back?” and “I feel like I’m watching the old Japan.”

Meanwhile, Japan’s head coach Hajime Moriyasu reflected on the performance that led to the upset, but said it was “a game that gave us confidence that we can do well in the future,” Japanese media reported.

“I think it was a game that taught us that there are no simple fights in the Asian Cup,” Moriyasu said. We have to reflect on the fact that we came from behind and had to chase,” Moriyasu said.

“Even when things didn’t go their way, the players stayed calm and made the corrections that brought the game to life,” he added.

Looking ahead to the second game against Iraq, Moriyasu cautioned, “We have to make sure we fix it (conceding two set plays).”

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