The team’s longest losing streak is just around the corner Pepper Savings Bank meets No. 1 Hyundai Engineering & Construction again and again

Pepper Savings Bank, which has lost 16 consecutive games, will play against Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 19th, have an All-Star break, and then face Hyundai Engineering & Construction again on the 31st.

Professional volleyball women’s Pepper Savings Bank was unable to avoid losing streak this season. It is difficult to say when the victory clock, which has been stopped for more than two months, will be able to run again.

Pepper Savings Bank bowed to Korea Expressway Corporation on the 16th with a set score of 0-3. With today’s loss, Pepper Savings Bank’s losing streak increased to ’16’.

Pepper Savings Bank has tasted victory only twice this season. On October 19th of last year, the second match of the opening game, they won a full set victory against Korea Expressway Corporation, and on November 10th, they defeated GS Caltex in a close full set match and won their second win of the season.

And in the next 16 games, they are piling up defeats one after another.

It’s been a long time since we moved away from the ranking battle. As of the 18th, Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranked team, has 7 points (2 wins, 21 losses). In fact, it is not easy to overturn the 18-point difference with the 6th place Korea Expressway Corporation (8 wins, 16 losses, 25 points).

The team’s record for most losing streak in a season is now just around the corner.

Pepper Savings Bank recorded 17 consecutive losses, the most as a team, in the 2021-2022 season, its first season in the V-League, and in the 2022-2023 season, its second season.

If they lose one more time, they will record 17 consecutive losses in their third season.

Pepper Savings Bank, the youngest club, has felt a huge power gap with senior clubs ever since its debut in the V-League. I was even more desperate ahead of this season.

They recruited national team striker Park Jeong-ah from the free agent (FA) market and recruited Yasmin, a foreign player who has proven her skills on the domestic stage, to boost their strength. The baton was entrusted to foreign head coach Joe Tringe.

However, Pepper Savings Bank was unable to avoid a long losing streak this season. Park Jeong-ah and Yasmin, who had high expectations, are unable to break away from their losing streak due to ups and downs.

Now we have to worry about the disgrace of having the team’s longest losing streak again.

Pepper Savings Bank, which is on a 16-game losing streak, will play its last game before the All-Star break against Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 19th.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction is a strong team that is leading this season (18 wins, 5 losses, 55 points). The atmosphere is good, with the team currently on a five-game winning streak.

It is not easy for Pepper Savings Bank to bring down Hyundai Engineering & Construction. If it loses to Gyeonggi-do Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 19th, Pepper Savings Bank will tie the record for the most losing streak as a team.

After a 10-day break, Pepper Savings Bank resumes its schedule with the Hyundai Construction Exhibition on the 31st. Pepper Savings Bank cannot let go of its concerns about the disgrace of setting a team record for the longest losing streak.

Pepper Savings Bank, which is having difficulty finding a way out, is struggling to move forward. 토토사이트

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