Sinner is Sponsored by Luxury Brands such Gucci and Ferrari

Sinner is Sponsored by Luxury Brands such as Gucci and Ferrari… Italian Prime Minister also Praised

Jannick Sinner (4th place, Italy), who won the men’s singles match at the Australian Open tennis tournament that ended on the 28th, also received high praise from the Italian Prime Minister.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni commented on Sinner’s win on his social media on the 29th, saying, “Sinner has rewritten a page in history that inspires our pride to the fullest,” and added, “It is an achievement achieved by a true champion.”

Jannick Sinner

Sinner won the Australian Open this year, becoming the first Italian player to reach the top spot in men’s singles at a major tournament in 48 years since Adriano Panata at the 1976 French Open. 먹튀검증가이드

Previously, Sinner led Italy to victory in the Davis Cup, a national competition,

last year, which was also the first time in 47 years since 1976.

The Associated Press said, “Italy, a country that is serious about soccer, is starting to pay attention to Sinner’s achievements,” adding, “Last year, Sinner advanced to the finals of the ATP Finals held in Turin, Italy, and Italy won the Davis Cup.

“With the win, the news headlines are shifting from soccer to Sinner,” the report said.

The media compared Jannik Sinner with “Valentino Rossi (motorcycle), Marco Pantani (cycling),

and Alberto Tomba (skiing) who were popular non-soccer athletes in Italy.”

Luxury Brands

The match between Novak Djokovic (No. 1, Serbia) and Sinner in the final of the ATP Finals, the final match of the season last November,

recorded 6.7 million TV viewers in Italy, which is said to be the highest viewership record for a tennis match in Italy.

Andrea Abodi, Italy’s Minister of Sports, also wrote on his social media,

“I have never seen such a good and clean champion,” and “I am proud that he is Italian.”

British newspaper Daily Mail reported, “Sinner combines tennis prowess and good looks and is partnering with luxury fashion house Gucci and iconic Italian car brand Ferrari.”

Sinner became a hot topic at Wimbledon last year when she entered the court carrying a Gucci bag.

According to Italian media outlet Gazzetta, Sinner earns an annual income of $27 million (approximately 36 billion won) through sponsorship from Nike, Head, Rolex, and Alfa Romeo.

His nickname is ‘carota’, which means carrot in Italian.

That’s because his slightly red hair became famous after he was seen eating carrots rather than bananas or energy bars on the bench during a European competition in 2019.

His fan club ‘Carota Voice’ was so polarizing that it was said that the fan club was more famous than Sinner before Sinner recently became a global top ranker.

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