From left, Han Garam, Kim Un, and Choi Gyuhyeon.

FC Anyang, a professional soccer team in the K League 2, announced on the 11th that it had recruited midfielder Han Garam with German stage experience, striker Kim Un and midfielder Choi Gyu-hyun from the K3 League. Han Garam moved to Germany as a high school student and played youth at a local club, and has been playing for a German lower league team since 2017.From 2022, he played for Schwarzweis Leden in Regionalliga Nord, Germany’s fourth division.

Anyang Club introduced Han Garam as a resource that can play both offensive and defensive midfielder positions, and is active and active. Garam Han said, “I am very excited and happy just to play in Korea. I know that the fans in Anyang especially give a lot of strength to the players, and I want to receive a lot of love from the fans.”Kim Woon debuted on the adult stage with the Icheon Citizen Football Team of the K3 League in 2017, and went on to play for Gyeongju Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, Daejeon Korea Railroad, Goyang KH, and Dangjin Citizen Football Team.

The club explains that he, who was the top scorer in the K3 League Advance in 2017, is a player with good positioning and shooting skills.Kim Woon said, “I only played in the lower leagues, but I have improved day by day. I will not be complacent just because I have become a pro,” and expressed his aspirations, “My dream is just beginning.”Gyu-Hyun Choi played for the K3 Pocheon Citizen Soccer Team last year and is evaluated as having a combination of ball touch and passing ability, activity level, and defensive ability.Choi Gyu-hyeon said, “It is an honor to join Anyang. I want to quickly integrate into the team and become a 카지노사이트킹 helpful player,” and added, “As young as I am, I will learn a lot from my older brothers.”

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