K League 1 Gwangju FC recruits midfielder Choi Gyeong-rok, who played in Germany

Choi Gyeong-rok climbed to Jangbuljae in Mudeungsan National Park.

Gwangju FC of the K-League 1 of professional soccer announced on the 15th that it had recruited midfielder Choi Gyeong-rok (28), who played in the German Bundesliga 2 (second division).

This is the first time that Choi Kyung-rok, who debuted as a professional in Germany and played in the second and third divisions in Germany, is playing in the K-League.

Choi Gyeong-rok went to Pungsaeng High School, dropped out in 2013 when he was a freshman at Ajou University, and joined Bundesliga 2 St. Pauli. 바카라사이트

From 2018 to last year, he played in Karlsruhe, Germany.

In official matches on the German stage, Choi Kyung-rok scored 30 goals in 184 games.

Choi Gyeong-rok, who has a slim body of 176 cm and 68 kg, has a good left foot kick and is a multi-player who can play various positions such as winger and attacking midfielder.

The club expected, “Choi Kyung-rok will provide the team with a variety of attack routes with his sparkling sense.”

Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo served as the coach of Ajou University from 2012 to 2014, and the relationship he formed with Choi Gyeong-rok led to his joining.

Choi Gyeong-rok said, “I formed a relationship with Coach Lee in college, and we continued to communicate even after advancing to Germany, and I am happy to have this opportunity to keep the promise we made to work together someday.” He added, “Gwangju FC is a team with a clear goal and a team that knows how to prove it. “I found it very attractive because of this,” he said. 슬롯사이트

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