Gyeongnam FC’s training camp for the 2024 season begins, ‘For the sake of a stronger fighting spirit’

Gyeongnam FC is taking steps to get stronger.

Gyeongnam will hold its first training camp for the 2024 season in Chiang Mai, 온라인카지노 Thailand from January 13 (Sat) to February 9 (Fri).

The purpose of the first training camp is for the existing players and newly recruited players to work together for promotion in the 2024 season, and for the squad to quickly build up their bodies through intense physical fitness training in the warm weather of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Gyeongnam recruited experienced players Jung Hyun-chul, Kim Hyung-jin, Han Yong-soo, Lee Si-heon, and Kim Jin-rae, and added foreign players Elio, Rivas, Musella, and Yukiya to increase the weight of the team. The new squad is expected to become stronger through this training camp.

Coach Park Dong-hyuk said before the training camp, “We will conduct intense training for the team to become stronger.” “We will do our best to prepare better than any other season for the promotion goal and create a season that fans can look forward to,” he said.

CEO Ji Hyun-cheol encouraged the team as they embarked on the training camp and said, “I hope that Gyeongnam FC will be physically complete through the training camp centered on coach Park Dong-hyuk, and that it will be completed well without injuries.”

Meanwhile, Gyeongnam’s second training camp will be held from February 13 (Tuesday) to February 23 (Friday) in Geoje, Gyeongnam.

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