OCA, The Hangzhou Games are One of the Best Ever

[Asian Games] OCA “The Hangzhou Games are one of the best ever… The level is very high.”

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) evaluated the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games as ‘the highest level ever.’

Vinod Kumar Tiwari, acting secretary-general of OCA, which organizes the Games,

held a press conference at the main media center at the Hangzhou Expo Center in Zhejiang, China on the 8th and said,

“It was one of the best Asian Games in history.”

President Tiwari

According to MyInfo, a competition information website, President Tiwari was satisfied, saying,

“97 new records, 26 Asian records, and 13 world records were set,” and “the level of competition was very high.”

He added, “This Asian Games was the largest in the history of the event. 바카라사이트

About 12,400 athletes, 4,975 team officials, about 4,700 game officials, and over 12,000 media personnel participated.”

“The success of this event gave us the opportunity to set basic standards for the next Asian Games,”

said OCA Vice President Wei Zizhong.

“The organizing committee also had no major problems.


The only problems I identified were machine-related, and they were resolved immediately.

He continued, “If I compare this competition to the previous competition held in China,

I would give it 99 points.

When asked if there was a possibility of hosting the event,

Secretary General Chen Weichang said, “The stadium for this year’s Asian Games is very good.

“Many international sports organizations believe that our facilities are at a level worthy of hosting the Olympics and large-scale international competitions,”

he said, “but we have not yet thought about whether to host the Olympics.”

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