Its a Tearing Mars Apart Abercrombie Explodes with 42 Points

IBK Industrial Bank, led by coach Kim Ho-cheol, won against GS Caltex in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Women’s Division held at the Hwaseong Sports Complex Indoor Stadium on the 6th with a set score of 3-1 (26-24, 24-26, 25- 21, 25-20) and continued their winning streak.

IBK Industrial Bank, which added 3 points with its first win against its opponent of the season, recorded 19 points (19 points, 7 wins, 7 losses)

dropping Cheong Kwan-Jang (17 points, 5 wins, 8 losses) and rose to 4th place.

IBK Industrial Bank’s main gun Brittany Abercrombie (registered name: Abercrombie) scored 42 points, including 2 blocking, and won by decision over GS Caltex foreign player Gisele Silva (registered name: Silva).  카지노사이트랭크

Silva scored 31 points. 42 points is Abercrombie’s highest score in a single game this season. 

In addition, Seung-ju Pyo scored 16 points, and Jeong-min Choi scored 9 points, including 6 blocks

showing the dignity of being number one in blocking in the league.

GS Caltex suffered its first consecutive loss of the season. Silva scored 31 points, Kang So-hwi 18 points, and Yoo Seo-yeon 16 points, and the triangle team combined for 65 points, but Beomsil, who showed up at every critical point

was a hindrance. On this day, Beomsil lost to its opponent 21-12. As they failed to add points

they were closely followed by IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in 4th place and Cheong Kwan Jang in 5th place.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s setter Ponpoon Gedpard (registered name Ponpoon), middle blockers Choi Jeong-min and Lim Hye-rim

outside heaters Hwang Min-kyung and Pyo Seung-ju, aposite spiker Abercrombie, and libero Shin Yeon-kyung came out first.

GS Caltex started with setter Kim Ji-won, middle blockers Han Su-ji and Jeong Dae-young

outside heaters Kang So-hwi and Yoo Seo-yeon, aposite spiker Silva, and libero Han Da-hye.

The match was intense from the beginning of the first set. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea launched a fierce attack against Abercrombie. 

He was responsible for 7 of the team’s first 10 points in the set. GS Caltex’s trio of Silva, Yoo Seo-yeon, and Kang So-hwi worked together in attack. 

Then, at 11-11, GS Caltex widened the score gap thanks to Kang So-hwi’s timing attack and Silva’s rear-guard attack.

 IBK Industrial Bank also did not give in easily. At 14-15, Abercrombie and Seung-Joo Pyo’s successive back-end attacks resulted in a comeback.

IBK Industrial Bank took the lead at 20 points at 18-18 thanks to Silva’s missed serve and Pyo Seung-joo’s offensive score. 

GS Caltex also did not give up and steadily continued to pursue with Silva’s great performance. 

Even though the score was tied, the comeback was not achieved. 

Although he defended well at 21-21, he showed anxiety during the connection process and Silva’s attack was caught in the hands of Choi Jeong-min. 

In addition, Silva reached the set point first, but Abercrombie’s offensive score, Pyo Seung-ju’s blocking, and Pyo Seung-ju’s quick open allowed three consecutive goals, losing the first set to IBK Industrial Bank. 

For IBK Gingber Bank, Abercrombie played well with 12 points and Seungju Pyo with 8 points.

GS Caltex took the lead in the early part of the second set. Silva still added strength in attack, and setter Ji-won Kim also added strength with blocking and serving. 

At 9-7, Abercrombie’s offensive error and Yoo Seo-yeon’s serve ace widened the score gap to 11-7.

 IBK Industrial Bank attempted to change by replacing Lim Hye-rim and introducing Kim Hyun-jung.

IBK Industrial Bank began chasing. At 7-11, Yoo Seo-yeon’s serve error, Hwang Min-kyung’s serve ace, Abercrombie’s quick open, and Silva’s attack error tied the game for the first time in the set. It didn’t end here. 

Abercrombie and Pyo Seung-joo’s offensive scores ultimately made it 13-11. GS Caltex replaced Kim Ji-won and brought in Lee Yun-shin. 

GS Caltex also calmly carried out its attack without wavering. They scored 4 points in a row at 11-13

but were unable to maintain momentum by conceding 3 points in a row to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea.

IBK Industrial Bank widened the score at 17-17 with Abercrombie’s score and the opponent’s attack error, and then took the first set to 20 points with Choi Jeong-min’s blocking. But I couldn’t bring the set. 

With consecutive scores from Silva, Dae-young Jeong, and Seo-yeon Yoo

the score was tied and eventually reached deuce once again. 

GS Caltex balanced the game at 26-26 by taking the second set with Silva’s serve ace and Kang So-hwi’s offensive scoring.

GS Caltex used Lee Yun-shin, who came in from the middle of the second set, as the starting setter for the third set. 

He was dragged away as he was unable to control Abercrombie’s attack. Abercrombie launched an onslaught on this day, regardless of front or rear. 

In GS Caltex, Silva faltered in the 3rd set, unlike the 2nd set. 

The attack was blocked by the opposing blockers.

Then, at 13-19, we started chasing. Starting with Choi Jeong-min’s offensive mistake, Kim Min-ji’s serve time started at 14-19, and they scored 4 points in a row, closely chasing IBK Industrial Bank. 

Embarrassed by GS Caltex’s fierce pursuit, IBK Industrial Bank replaced Hwang Min-kyung with Yuk Seo-young and took a breather with consecutive scores from Abercrombie and Ponpoon. 

IBK Industrial Bank won the 3rd set thanks to the performance of Abercrombie, who scored 12 points in the 3rd set alone. Seoyoung Yuk, who came in as a replacement, finished the third set.

At the beginning of the 4th set, when IBK Industrial Bank took the lead at 7-7 thanks to Hwang Min-kyung’s quick opening and Ponpoon’s blocking, coach Cha Sang-hyun removed Lee Yun-shin and brought in Kim Ji-won. 

Kim Ji-won, who returned from a break, added strength to the chase with a stable toss.

However, GS Caltex was unable to easily take the lead and was dragged out of this set as well.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea easily won the set with Abercrombie showing off its fierceness in the 4th set. 

There was no major crisis in the second half of the set. IBK Industrial Bank ended the game at 22-20 with Pyo Seung-joo’s quick open, Silva’s attack error, and Kim Jeong-ah’s serve ace. 

With their first win against an opponent at home, they earned three valuable points.

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