IBK Coach Kim Ho-cheol said Ponfundo Must be Feeling that the V-League is Not Easy.

“Ponpun must be feeling it now. “The V-League is not easy.”

The 2023-2024 V-League 3rd round match between women’s professional volleyball GS Caltex and IBK Industrial Bank of Korea took place at Hwaseong Sports Complex on the 6th. 

Before the game, IBK Industrial Bank coach Kim Ho-cheol was asked about the performance of Pornpun Gerpadr (Thailand) 지울프-토토

who was ranked first in the Asian quarter, and said, “It is gradually improving.

 He sometimes brings up a habit from when he was playing for the Thai national team, and every time he talks about it, it comes back to him. 

“A lot of people had high expectations when I came to the V-League, so I think I also feel pressure,” he said.

As the starting setter for the Thai national team for the past two years, I have put the Korean national team to shame

so my expectations have grown, and I myself am confident that the V-League will be easy for me.” You may have thought about it too.

 Now, he must have realized that the V-League is not an easy league. 

It will get better now.” He added, “It’s great to see them trying to communicate with Korean players and being proactive.”

On the 2nd, IBK Industrial Bank gave up two sets against Cheong Kwan-Jang and won three sets, completing a 3-2 ‘reverse sweep’. 

Since Coach Kim took office, his backside has definitely improved. 

Regarding this, Director Kim said, “Because we are a team that is still in the process of being developed, each set has its ups and downs. 

It seems that the chemistry between the setter and the attackers is not 100% perfect yet, which also plays a role. 

When it’s right, it’s very solid, but when it’s shaky, it gives the flow in situations where you need to score. 

Still, I have improved a lot mentally,” he explained.

At the bylaws meeting on the 2nd, IBK Industrial Bank’s offensive share did not exceed 30%, and Abercrombie seemed to share it evenly among Seung-ju Pyo, Min-kyung Hwang, Seo-young Yuk, and middle blockers. 

When asked if he did not use the ace Abercrombie too much, Coach Kim said

“There are pros and cons to both having a large offensive share on one side and evenly dividing the volleyball. 

Ultimately, it is the setter’s choice. When playing a game, there are players who perform well that day and players who perform poorly. 

Basically, it is true that Abercrombie has a higher chance, but depending on the day, it is right for Ponpoon to give it to a player who is in good condition.”

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