The Passionate Baseball Team Trains Hard Even on Rest Days

[Asian Games] The Passionate Baseball Team Trains Hard Even on Rest Days… We Will Reap Victory

The Korean baseball team, who participated in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games,

prepared for the Super Round by improving its condition through intense training even on the 4th, a holiday.

National Baseball Team

Korea defeated Thailand 17-0 on the 3rd, finished the group stage with 2 wins, 1 loss, and 2nd place in Group B, and advanced to the super round along with Taiwan,

which ranked 1st in the group 3 wins. 카지노사이트탑

Even though the 4th was a rest day without a game, 14 pitchers and fielders went to the Shaoxing Baseball and Softball Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang Province, China and sweated hard through intense training for more than two hours.

The Super Round was held against Japan on the 5th and China on the 6th at 1pm Korean time,

so it also had the meaning of improving adaptability to daytime games.

An official from the KBO Secretariat, which supports the national baseball team, explained, “The players said they wanted to train voluntarily,

so we practiced at the baseball stadium together with the coaches with permission from the tournament organizing committee.”

KBO Secretariat

The national team’s coaches, including coach Ryu Joong-il, watched the biggest upset of the tournament,

where China defeated Japan 1-0 at the baseball stadium the day before, and studied the two teams’ preparedness plans.

Korea, which lost 0-4 to Chinese Taipei in the group stage, must defeat China, ranked 1st in Group A, and Japan,

ranked 2nd, in the Super Round with one loss in order to secure at least 2nd place in the combined group and super round results and advance to the finals. .

A KBO official acknowledged that “the batters really liked the Taiwanese pitchers’ pitches,” and admitted that it put pressure on the pitchers,

but also conveyed the atmosphere within the team, saying, “We are confident that we can hit well if we face Taiwan for the second time.”

As a result of the KBO secretariat’s analysis of the strengths of Taiwan and Japan,

Taiwan is the biggest rival of Korea, which is challenging its fourth consecutive victory in the tournament.

The evaluation is that the pitching is stable and the teamwork is good.

Japan, where all baseball players are unemployed, boasts a stable mound, including two pitchers who can immediately win 10 games in the KBO League, but is known to have weak batting.

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