4.6 billion catcher who broke a 22-inning scoreless streak

“If I had a mission to accomplish…” The 4.6 billion catcher who broke a 22-inning scoreless streak. The Commander’s Eye

The end of a winning streak is unsettling. The trusted starting lineup has been relentless, and the batting lineup has been unable to escape the cotton-picker’s trap. Two straight losses after a pleasant six-game winning streak. Rather, they were pushed to the brink.

The game is now even. The tiredness is evident. 먹튀검증 The NC Dinos lost the fourth game of the playoffs against the KT Wiz 2-11 on March 3 at Changwon NC Park.

The Dinos struggled from the start, as starter Song Myung-ki collapsed after less than two innings. He allowed three home runs and was 0-11 at one point.

Still, there was hope. In the eighth inning, Park Se-hyuk and Son As-seob hit RBI singles to score two runs, and the young bullpen of Lee Jun-ho and Kim Si-hoon did their part.

“It was a complete loss in terms of both batters,” NC manager Kang Myung-ho said after the game.

Regarding Alford’s sacrifice fly in the first inning, he said, “Martin is not a strong dog. He did his best in his lineup.”

But Martin’s repeated struggles didn’t last long. He was taken out of the game. “I think his fatigue is high, and he didn’t look good at the plate against the pitcher. He needs to rest. We’ll see how he is tomorrow and decide whether to keep him as a starter or use another player.”

On the bullpen,

Including Lee Jun-ho, Lee Yong-joon, and Kim Si-hoon, he said, “They pitched well in a difficult situation. I’m looking forward to the future. However, it won’t be easy for them to get a chance to pitch in Game 5 because of the existing bullpen.”

Regarding his ace, Pedi, he said, “I’m not 100% yet. I’m thinking about it. Shin Min-hyuk is not bad either. We’ll decide tomorrow.”

Park Se-hyuk, who came in as a late substitute and hit an RBI single, saved the team from a 22-inning scoreless streak that stretched back to the fourth inning of Game 2.

“The way he sits as a catcher and the way he handles the opposing pitcher at the plate, he seems to have regained his confidence,” Kang said, adding, “If he has a task in the last game, he will do his best. I want to encourage him.”

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