Rowing Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls 4th Place

[Asian Games] Rowing Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls 4th Place… Bronze Medal Missed by 4.48 Seconds

Women’s double sculls also ranked 5th… China dominated gold medals in 6 out of 7 rowing events on the 24th

Korean men’s lightweight rowers who participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games received a report card of fourth place in the final.

The pair of Shim Hyun-bo (Jinju City Hall) and Kang Ji-su (Seoul City Hall) recorded a time of 6 minutes 37.90 seconds and took fourth place in the men’s lightweight double sculls final held at the Fuyang Water Sports Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 24th.

The two athletes, who were in 5th place in the 500, 1,000, and 1,500m sections, 카지노사이트

showed strength at the last minute, but could not stand on the podium.


First place was China’s Fan Junjie and Sun Man, recording a time of 6 minutes 23.16 seconds.

Second place was India’s Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh (6 minutes 28.18 seconds), third place was Uzbekistan’s Shakhzod Nurmatov and Sobrizon Safaroliev (6 minutes 33.42 seconds).

The record gap between Korea and the Uzbek team that won the bronze medal was 4.48 seconds.

The pair of Shim Hyun-bo and Kang Ji-soo, who crossed the finish line with a time of 6 minutes 49.65 seconds in the preliminaries on the 20th and headed to the repechage round,

beat players from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, and Thailand to advance to the finals, but narrowly missed out on a medal.

The pair of Jeong Hye-jeong and Park Ji-yoon (Gunsan City Hall), who participated in the women’s double sculls, finished in 5th place.

In the final held on the 24th, they recorded 7 minutes 28.41 seconds, 6.71 seconds

behind Thailand’s Nunthida Krajanjam and Paris Champoodsa (7 minutes 21.70 seconds), who won the bronze medal.

Park Hyun-soo and Kim Dong-yong

The pair of Park Hyun-soo (Gyeongbuk Provincial Office) and Kim Dong-yong (Jinju City Hall)

crossed the finish line in 6th place with a record of 7 minutes 19.89 seconds in the men’s no-hit pair final.

The two also competed in the men’s double sculls, but were unable to advance to the finals,

so they had to compete in the rankings.

In the 7th to 12th place match, he came in fastest with a time of 6 minutes 52.57 seconds.

Among the seven finals held on this day, the host country,

China, swept gold medals in all six events in which it participated.

On the 25th, the finals will be held in 7 events, and Korea will have Lee Soo-bin and Kim Ha-young (Yesan County Office) in the women’s no-hit pair,

Myeong Soo-seong (Gyeongbuk Provincial Office), Kim Hyun-tae (Seoul City Hall)

Jeong Yong-jun (Daegu Waterworks Business Headquarters) in the men’s no-hit pair.

Kim Hwi-gwan (K-water) will participate.

Among them, the women’s Muta Pair secured at least a bronze medal as there were only three participating teams.

The pair of Lee Soo-bin and Kim Ha-young recorded a time of 7 minutes 47.62 seconds in the preliminaries against the Chinese and Hong Kong groups.

The record was 19.20 seconds behind China (Wang Tingting and Zhang Xuan),

who took first place, and 14.27 seconds behind Hong Kong (Liang Ching-wan and Zhang Hoi-Lam).

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