Modern Pentathlon Kim Seon-woo Wins Silver Medal

[Asian Games] Modern Pentathlon Kim Seon-woo Wins Silver Medal in Women’s Individual Event… Korean Team’s First Medal

Korean women’s modern pentathlon, bronze medal in team event

Kim Seon-woo (26, Gyeonggi Provincial Office), the star of Korean women’s modern pentathlon, won the first medal for the Korean team at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Seon-woo won a total of 1,386 points in fencing, swimming, horseback riding, and laser running (track and field + shooting) in the women’s individual event of the Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 24th, beating Zhang Mingyu (China, 1,406 points).

He then came in second place and won a silver medal.

This is the first medal for the entire Korean team at this tournament. 온라인카지노

Kim Seon-woo

Kim Seon-woo, a member of the team gold medal at the 2014 Incheon Games, won medals three times in a row at the Asian Games,

following the bronze medal in the individual event at the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang Games.

Korea won the women’s modern pentathlon at the Asian Games for the fourth time in a row, following the bronze medal (Sujin Yang) at the 2010 Guangzhou Games,

the silver medal (Sujin Yang) and bronze medal (Minji Choi) at the 2014 Incheon Games, the silver medal (Sehee Kim) and bronze medal (Seonwoo Kim) at the 2018 Jakarta Games.

He was a medalist in the individual event.

In the team event, where Korea’s ranking is determined by the sum of the scores of the top three individual players from each country,

Kim Seon-woo, Kim Se-hee (1,100 points), and Seong Seung-min (1,088 points) combined to score 3,574 points, with China (4,094 points) They won the bronze medal after Japan (3,705 points).

The Korean women’s modern pentathlon was unable to maintain its hegemony in the team event at the Asian Games,

which was revived for the first time in 9 years since 2014,

but has held team events in all competitions following Busan 2002 (bronze medal),

Guangzhou 2010 (silver medal), and Incheon 2014 (gold medal).

He left a record of winning prizes.

The Competition

In this competition, Korea dreamed of sweeping the individual and team gold medals with Kim Se-hee and Kim Seon-woo,

the silver and bronze medalists from the previous Asian Games,

but suffered a setback in the first match of the finals, horseback riding.

Kim Se-hee and Jang Ha-eun fell from their horses during the race,

Seong Seung-min also failed to score any points after struggling, with his horse passing obstacles several times.

Kim Seon-woo, who was in second place (255 points) in the fencing ranking round held on the 20th,

was the only one to successfully complete the horseback riding and earned a riding score of 299 points,

continuing the race for the lead.

Seon-Woo Kim did not receive any additional points in the bonus round, where one point is given for each victory,

starting from the bottom two in the fencing ranking round,

so he was in second place with a total of 554 points when he finished both fencing and horseback riding.


In the following swimming, Kim Seon-woo recorded a time of 2 minutes 13.61 seconds,

which was 4th place overall, adding 283 points and maintaining 2nd place in the total score after Bian Yufei (China).

He competed with Chinese athletes for the championship in the laser run.

Kim Seon-woo, who was always looking for an opportunity, took the lead at one point,but he faltered in his shooting and was unable to take the lead.

He was pushed out by defending champion Zhang Ming-yu, who made a last-minute spurt, and had to be satisfied with second place.

After finishing the game, Kim Seon-woo could not hide his disappointed expression.

Bian Yufei ranked 3rd (1,374 points), Kim Se-hee ranked 11th in the individual rankings, Seong Seung-min ranked 12th, and Jang Ha-eun ranked 13th.

On this afternoon, Jeon Woong-tae (Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall), Lee Ji-hoon, Jeong Jin-hwa (LH), and Seo Chang-wan (Jeonnam Provincial Office) will participate in the men’s game and challenge to win the individual and team competitions.

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