“A player shines brightest when he’s on the court,” Yoon’s final words to his juniors

Leaving the court, Yoon Ho-young left a final greeting to his juniors.

On the 28th, Wonju DB and Busan KCC faced off in the 2023-2024 Chungguanjang Professional Basketball League at Wonju General Gymnasium. At halftime, the retirement ceremony of DB One Clubman Yoon Ho-young was held. Yoon, who joined the club in 2008 and played for Wonju for 15 years, announced his retirement from active duty at the end of last season. DB held a retirement ceremony at the home opener of the new season to bid farewell to the one-club man.

“I was very nervous during the retirement ceremony. I feel more comfortable playing on the court. I was trying to control my tears, but I couldn’t help but get red in the eyes. I was very nervous.”

This summer, Yoon traveled to the United States for some training. He is currently spending time with his family and will be taking leadership classes at Sungkyunkwan University, where he was coached by Eunsa Kim during his college days. Afterward, he plans to travel to the United States again.

“I went to the U.S. for a short training. I learned a lot and came back well, and now I’m spending most of my time with my family. Bishop Kim Sang-jun of Sungkyunkwan University was my mentor in college. I contacted him because I wanted to take a coaching class. It’s not like I have a job title. I’m there purely to learn how to teach the players. Afterward, I’m going to go back to the U.S. for coaching.” Yoon says.

Trailing KCC by 18 points at halftime, DB used a strong second half to pull off a thrilling comeback win, 101-90. The juniors left a big gift of victory for one of their own, Yoon Ho-young, on his way out.

“This is the first time I’ve watched a game from the stands since high school. I kept getting injured at the end of my career, so I had to sit outside and watch 안전놀이터 the game (laughs). Watching the game brought back a lot of memories. I thought I had put it down a bit, but I realized that I loved playing on the court again.”

Finally, Yoon had a message for his juniors and fans. “I hope they don’t get sick all the time. A player shines best when he is on the court. I hope they take good care of their bodies and always shine on the court. I’m also very grateful to the fans for their support. I think I played basketball happily because of their passionate support. I will work harder in the future, so please continue to support me,” she smiled.

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