“Golf equipment, now at a convenience store”… 7-Eleven installs unmanned vending machines

Convenience store 7-Eleven announced on the 8th that it will install unmanned vending machines in its stores in partnership with golf equipment brand 'ExperonConsidering the fact that the golf population is steadily increasing, 7-Eleven decided to introduce this service so that people can easily purchase items such as golf balls, gloves, and ball markersSince 2020, golf equipment has been sold at more than 100 stores near golf courses and rest areas, and the fact that sales last year increased 카지노사이트킹 by 200% compared to the previous year was getting a good response.Golf equipment vending machines will be installed first in 10 locations, including near golf courses and stores near large-screen golf courses in the metropolitan areaHere, 15 types of golf equipment are sold at an average of 25% cheaper than the market price7-Eleven plans to gradually expand the number of stores operating vending machines for golf equipment by analyzing consumer responses in the future.

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