‘The Book of Hope’ by Jane Goodall… new book worth seeing

‘The Book of Hope’ by Jane Goodall… A new book worth reading

The world is suffering from climate crisis, such as extreme floods and abnormally high temperatures.

Is there any hope for our humanity? Jane Goodall, a world-renowned zoologist and environmental activist, answers.

This is a new book worth reading, reporter Shin Sae-rom.

“Hope is a characteristic of those who survive and is the essence of survival.”

These are the words of Jane Goodall, a world-renowned zoologist who studied chimpanzees all her life.

After fighting for more than 30 years to protect wildlife and the environment, he tells the story of his first chimpanzee research and his rise to become a world-renowned speaker.

Author and curator Douglas Abrams asks questions, Goodall answers.

Rick Ridgway, an adventurer who holds numerous new records, including the first American to climb K2 without oxygen.

5 years of sleeping time in a tent. From Everest in 1976 to the Amazon and Antarctica… 40 years of experience in the wild has completely changed the way they live.

As we follow his life-changing experience, we also come across Patagonia’s philosophy of ‘doing business to revive the earth’.

“Weekends in the city full of vehicles, a paradise of work that ends only when you die”

Imagine a ‘secret paradise’ that comes to mind in everyday life confined.

This is the second collection of poems by young poet Joo Min-hyun.

Just as there is no life that is not precious, there is no death that is not affectionate.

The six novels detail the moments of death that seem to be different, and talk about hope at the end of death.

It is a success story of an office worker who has been hired as an ordinary employee and even an executive.

Koh Dong-jin, former president of Samsung Electronics, who introduced innovative technologies such as foldable smartphones for the first time in the world, shares his 38 years of organizational life know-how.


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