STL starting pitcher-catcher-manager disappeared in the first inning’ What happened?

During the first inning defense right after the game started, both the St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher and catcher manager disappeared. What happened? On the 28th (Korean time), St. Louis had a home game against the Chicago Cubs at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The starting pitcher for St. Louis on this day was Miles Mycholas, and the catcher was Wilson Contreras. However, these batteries could not exceed one cycle and were all replaced. Here the director leaves.

The situation was this. With no runners out in the first inning, Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs hit Contreras in the head with a bat while swinging. He wore a catcher’s mask, but was seriously injured. As a result, Contreras stepped down and Andrew Kisner came into the big defense. 스포츠토토 The catcher left from the start of the game. Afterwards, Michaels immediately threw the ball at Happ’s buttock. A ball that fits your body with a lot of willfulness. It can be seen as the meaning of revenge for Contreras.

The ball Michaels threw at Happ hit the hip, a relatively safe area, but the referees ordered Michaels off the field. starting pitcher’s departure. In the process, St. Louis coach Oliver Mamol, angry, protested strongly to the referee and was eventually ordered to leave. leave the director. St. Louis, whose catcher, starting pitcher, and manager left in turn before even playing the first inning, gave up three runs only in the first inning and bowed its head.

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