San Diego ML best talent” But Kim Ha-sung trade? Madman Seller Declaration?

MLB clearly distinguished buyers and sellers ahead of the trade deadline on the 26th (Korean time). However, all 30 clubs could not be classified. There are 8 teams whose stance is uncertain. One of those teams is the San Diego Padres. Most of the US media believes that San Diego will not easily turn into a seller given the investment it has made over the past 2-3 years. In fact, it is one of the teams that are mentioned as partners whenever talk of trade Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) comes up.

Of course, San Diego is not considered the strongest team in Ohtani’s destination. It is because the prospective farm is not as good as before because it has already been running with the ‘win now’ system. Realistically, it is unlikely that Ohtani will leave San Diego’s stance and go to San Diego. However, ‘Mad Men’ AJ Preller’s unique aggressive tendencies are enough to give the impression that San Diego does not know where to go. did not openly call San Diego a seller in this article, but said it could be based on the decision of General Manager Preller.

San Diego is 49-53 by the 26th, 4th in the National League West Division and 7th in the National League Wild Card Race. They are six games behind the third-place San Francisco Giants. It’s not easy to advance to the postseason. It means that you can sort out the many extension contracts. Of course, no specific range was set.

It is true that Ha-seong Kim has become a key player in San Diego this year as he has grown into an offensive and defensive second baseman. On the 25th, against the Pittsburgh Pirates, he hit multiple home runs for the first time in his major league debut. His first 20 stolen bases in his debut are also in sight. Certainly these days, Kim Ha-seong is attracting more attention than defense. 토토 There are also frequent reports that he has improved his ability to respond quickly to the ball.

San Diego is a team with a winning percentage of less than 50%, but it remains one of the most talented teams in the league. If they can figure out how to make it to the postseason, they can score as easily as the 2022 Philadelphia Phillies, with players like Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, Xander Bogatz, and Ha-Sung Kim filling out the lineup, and Blake Snell, Darvish Yu, Joe Musgrove could lead a shorter series.”

It’s not the time to give up the arithmetic postseason. However, if Preller decides to become Seller himself, Snell and Josh Hader will be traded immediately, and Soto trade is likely. He did not mention the possibility of Kim Ha-sung’s trade. It may not be a priority because the ransom price is not high, but the recent rise in the stock price is a variable.

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