Samsung also rises baseball to finish last for first time in five years

SEOUL, South Korea (Yonhap) By Kyung-yoon Kim (Yonhap) Kim = Professional baseball has been a close affair this season, with no team falling far behind. The Samsung Lions, who slumped to the bottom of the standings after a severe slump in the first half of the season, have overhauled their offense and are on the rise .Things were looking bleak for Samsung at the beginning of the month when their winning percentage dropped to 0.368 and they were 6.5 games out of ninth place. However, since the 8th of this month, the team has turned things around with 8 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw in 13 games .Samsung has the second-best winning percentage among the 10 clubs in this period, behind only KT WIZ.More recently, the team has won three straight games, raising its winning percentage to 0.409 this season. The gap to the ninth-place Kiwoom Heroes has also been reduced to three games .Samsung’s resurgence has raised hopes that this season’s KBO could be the first time in five years that the league has a bottom-four team with a winning percentage .The last time the last-place team in the KBO had a winning percentage in the quadruple digits was the NC Dinos (0.406) in 2018.The last time the last-place team had a 카지노사이트킹 winning percentage in the top four was in 2018.In the 10-team system, 2018 is the only year in which the last-place team had a winning percentage above .406.The fact that the last place team had a winning percentage of 4 or less means that the league has leveled off. This is good for baseball’s box office. Without a losing team, every baseball fan will be able to watch a nail-biting race to the bottom of the league.In fact, while Samsung is in last place, it’s averaging 11,902 fans per home game this season, good for fifth place overall .Among non-metropolitan teams, that’s second only to the Lotte Giants (13,164).In the past, when the last place team does well, the entire league tends to do well. Professional baseball drew a total of 2.57 million fans in 2000, but that number jumped to 2.916 million in 2001, when the last-place Lotte Giants posted a winning percentage of 0.457.That was just two games between the last-place Lotte and the fourth-place Hanwha Eagles, who made the postseason.0.457 remains the highest winning percentage for a last-place team in baseball.

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