LSB coach Yoo Sang-wook, “Practice results did not translate into practice”

It was a brutal match for ReB Sandbox. Playing their first LCK match against DePlus Kia, they were swept 2-0. In the first set, a snowball from the bottom line became too big for Reveal Sandbox to stop. Set 2 was more of the same. Under pressure from all lines, the team was unable to find a clue after the midway point.

Head coach Yoo Sang-wook cited lineup performance as a major reason for the loss. He said that the lineup didn’t look as good as it did in the scrimmage. He said, “We practiced the lineup we wanted, but it didn’t translate to the game. We learned from this game, and we will try not to show this kind of behavior next time.”

Rib Sandbox top laner ‘Bardol‘ also felt that the lineup was lacking. “Our top lane game was good in the first set. However, in the second game, I lost my fluidization skill from the beginning, so I couldn’t take the line game as strongly as I wanted.”

Coach Yoo vowed to do better in the next game. He expressed his disappointment that his LCK debut as a coach ended in defeat, saying, “We just need to do better next time. 토토사이트 We’ll try to do better,” he said, promising to win the next game.

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