Life is a Marathon…Overcome the Crisis” by Lee Bong-Joo, who has an incurable disease

“Life is a marathon…overcome the crisis”

Marathon hero’ Lee Bong-ju, who is battling an incurable disease, visited the Armed Forces Sports Department. He shared his experience of overcoming a fatal disadvantage and realizing his dreams with soldiers preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games and other competitions. Reporter Jung Joo-hee went to the mentoring event. With the Hangzhou Asian Games just over two months away, Lee Bong-ju shared his experience of realizing his dreams with military athletes. Lee, who was dubbed the “national marathoner” after winning a silver medal at the Atlanta Olympics and gold medals at the Bangkok and Busan Asian Games, was diagnosed with an incurable disease three years ago, but he has overcome it like a champion. “My stomach used to move inexplicably, but now it’s gone, so I’m sleeping well, and I feel like I’m getting a chance to meet everyone while traveling like this, and I’m getting better and better, so I think I’ll run in a little while…” Lee emphasized that he overcame his fatal disadvantages, such as his flat feet and slow speed, with his endurance. Comparing the marathon to life, he advised her to have role카지노사이트킹models, rivals, and teachers as her “pacemakers” and to overcome difficulties. It was an inspiration for juniors in the same sport, “After listening to the lecture by Lee Bong-joo, the athlete I most admire, I think it was a lecture that reignited my passion for athletics. I hope you get well soon and can run with me more in the future.” The lecture resonated with athletes from other sports as well. “I hope I can imitate your endurance and continue to work out. You said that you used a training journal or something like that, and I’m thinking of imitating that and using it from today.”

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