DePlus Kia also wins two in a row to open the season

The bar was set high for DePlus Hunger. Reveal Sandbox was unable to fight back and suffered a 0:2 defeat.

Just like in the first game, it was DePlus Kia who took the early lead, with Kim “Canyon” Gun-boo’s Maokai ambushing the bot early and picking up a jerry from Lee “Envy” Myung-jun. Taking the initiative, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Kim “Kellin” Hyung-kyu’s Lucian-Nami moved up to the mid to drain the blink of Lee “Closer” Joo-hyun “Azir” Lee and bring the Canyon’s Herald to the team. DePlus Kia released the Herald into the bot, further empowering Lucian-Nami.

The rest of the game was quiet, with no additional kills. This meant that Plus Kia was quietly and operationally snowballing. Global Gold was already over 5,000. At the 22-minute mark, the team announced their first kill in a while, cutting mid laner Jerry. The baron, unsurprisingly, was theirs, and they managed to get an ace with no casualties.

Plus Kia had nothing to fear. With the Baron buff, they advanced into the Reeve sandbox and pushed the mid and bot suppressors. Lucian’s ultimate took down Kim “Willer” Jung-hyun’s buy, and after a series of kills, 고스톱 DePlus Kia sealed the game. It was a one-sided victory.

2023 LCK Spring Split Regular Season Day 3 Results

Game 1 KT Rolster 1 vs 2 T1
Set 1 KT Rolster Win vs Lose T1
Set 2 KT Rolster L vs W T1
Set 3 KT Rolster LOS vs W T1

Game 2 Reef Sandbox 0 vs 2 DPLUS KIA
Set 1 Reveal Sandbox L vs Win DePlus Kia
Set 2 Reveal Sandbox L vs W DePlus Kia

2023 LCK Spring Split Regular Season Day 4 Schedule

Game 1 DRX vs Genji Esports – May 21, 3:00 p.m.
Game 2 Brion vs Guangdong Freaks

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