Complete win → multi-home run → replacement’ Ohtani grabbed the waist

Ohtani hit a home run in the top of the fourth inning, leading 6-2 in the second leg of the 2023 MLB doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan, USA. However, Ohtani’s expression was not so bright. He looked at the batted ball for a moment, then frowned and grabbed his left flank. He clutched at his side as he circled first base. In the end, Ohtani was replaced before the fourth at-bat in the 7th inning.

Japan’s Nikkan Sports said, “Otani was putting his hands on his back as if he had hurt his back after a powerful blow through a full swing. After returning to the bench, his expression was not bright.” He continued, “We cannot accurately determine his physical condition at the moment, but the club said it was a replacement due to convulsions.”
Coach Phil Nevin said in an interview with the local media after the match, “Ohtani’s physical condition is not a big problem.” Ohtani will accompany the Toronto Blue Jays and three consecutive expeditions from the 29th.

Ohtani showed his best performance in the first and second games of the doubleheader until the replacement that day.

He became the starting pitcher in Game 1 and led the team to a 6-0 victory with 1 hit, 3 walks and 8 strikeouts in 9 innings, achieving his ninth win of the season. 토토 It is the first shutout win since advancing to the big leagues in 2018. In the 5th inning, leadoff hitter Kere Carpenter got a heavy hit and allowed the first on-base of the day. Ohtani threw a total of 111 balls (71 strikes) that day and was responsible for the game from start to finish.

In the second game, which took place after a 45-minute break, he hit a home run in consecutive hits. Ohtani, who started as the designated hitter No. 2, pushed opponent starter Matt Manning’s 7-pitch four-seam fastball at 152km/h in the top of the second inning, leading 3-0, with two outs on first base, and hit a two-run homer (distance of 123m) that went over the left wall. connected It is the 37th home run of the season.

Even after two outs in the top of the 4th inning, leading 6-2, Manning’s four-seam fastball (153km/h) was attacked and passed over the middle fence. It is a home run with a distance of 138m. It is the fourth time this season that Ohtani has hit two or more homers in one game.

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