‘Art Nouveau Master’ Alphonse Mucha Reborn as Media Art

‘Art Nouveau master’ Alphonse Mucha reborn as media art

The work of Alphonse Mucha, the national painter of the Czech Republic, has been reborn as immersive media art in combination with orchestral music.

It is an exhibition where you can also see his original paintings, which were difficult to meet in Korea.

A poster for a performance by Sarah Bernard, the greatest theater actress of her time.

After presenting this ‘Gismonda’ poster, Alphonse Mucha has been reborn from an unknown new artist to one of the best commercial painters in Paris.

In ‘Four Jewels’, one of Mucha’s decorative panel series, you can get a glimpse of Mucha’s unique painting style that elegantly depicts women’s curves along with flowers.

The representative works of Alphonse Mucha, a pioneer of ‘Art Nouveau’ that allowed art to permeate every corner of our lives, have landed in Korea.

In particular, in this exhibition, Mucha’s works were reborn as immersive media art, in harmony with orchestral music, as if the characters in the painting were alive and moving.

Directed by Czech musician Michal Dvořák, it will be unveiled for the first time in Asia at Dongdaemun Design Plaza after it was unveiled last year at Prague Castle.

<Michal Dvořák / Producer/Musician> “Alphonse Mucha is the most famous Czech artist in the world. This exhibition was created using various modern techniques, and I hope Korean audiences will enjoy it.”

Although not well known in Korea, the majestic masterpiece ‘Slavic Epic’, which contains the history of the Czech Republic, has also been moved to a 360-degree screen.


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