A Quick Summary About Sports Betting Legalization in Ghana

The first thing you want to know if you’re a new gambler in Ghana is whether or not it’s legal to bet on sports there.

So, betting on sports is it legal in Ghana?
Sports betting is legal in Ghana, just like all other forms of gambling. Ghanaians can place bets on numerous national and international sporting events by walking into one of the many legitimate brick-and-mortar sports betting establishments authorized by the Ghana Gaming Commission.

Along with conventional betting at brick-and-mortar bookies and the few onsite casinos in Ghana, bettors also enjoy using legal online bookmakers. Online sports betting has increased in popularity in Ghana as a result of the recent rise in inexpensive internet access and smartphone usage. The Ghana Gaming Commission saw the need to control the influx of domestic and foreign online betting enterprises as a result.

But is this the first time that Ghana has needed to legislate and regulate gambling-related activities? Definitely not! Before the advent of the internet and online sports betting, gambling and lottery games were popular in Ghana. Let’s examine Ghana’s legislative history regarding sports wagering.

History of Sports Betting in the Laws
The Lotteries Betting Act of 1960, which was then in effect, was the first piece of legislation governing sports betting in Ghana. This is the legislation that made sports betting legal in Ghana. Following the legislation that allowed for sports betting, parliament passed the Casio Licensing Act of 1975 and the Gambling Machines Act of 1973.

Until recently, in 2006, when The Gaming Act was passed to enable online sports betting in Ghana, no gaming legislation has been passed since that time. The Ghana Gaming Commission was established by the same bill to function as a monitor, regulate, and license all land-based and internet sports betting. With limited oversight from the government, local and multinational gaming enterprises established operations in Ghana.

In Ghana, there are no laws governing responsible gaming, and there are no programs for self-exclusion. Companies are not required by law to protect the interests of the bettor, thus gamblers must do so at their own risk.

Online gambling is the least regulated kind of gambling in Ghana because there is no existing regulation addressing the rapidly changing digital realm of sports betting. Furthermore, Ghana has no laws limiting the methods and locations of sportsbook advertising.

Types of Gambling in Ghana
✦ Lotteries: An extremely common type of gambling is the lottery. Ghana holds weekly national lottery draws on its own. The biggest lotteries in the world also provide online ticket sales to everyone.

✦ Sports Betting: Football is the most widely gambled on sport in Ghana, where sports betting is immensely popular. Ghanaians can place in-person bets at sportsbooks. They also accept phone bets and provide internet betting platforms.

✦ Land-Based Casinos: In Ghana right now, there are four casinos. Both locals and visitors to Ghana are welcome there. There are two casinos in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Additionally, Kumasi and Tema each have casinos. You may play a range of table and poker games, video poker, non-progressive and progressive jackpot slots, and more in land-based casinos in Ghana.

✦ Online Gambling: Ghanaians get to enjoy gambling in online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo and poker sites.

Most Popular Football Players
Football is incredibly popular in Ghana. The top football players are just as exciting for Ghanaian punters to wager on. While Ghana might not be a world-class football team, it has certainly produced world-class football players over the years.

Some of these players like Samuel Kuffour, Daniel Amartey, and Thomas Parte have contributed to Ghana’s Africa Cup of Nations Wins. Others have played for the best teams in the top European leagues. They have held up the biggest football trophies at times.

Betting Guides
You will learn all the fundamentals in our betting tutorial, “How to Bet on Sports.” This covers how to sign up for an online sports betting site, as well as how to fund accounts and place bets. These are fundamental sports concepts that all bettors must understand.

Next, you can discover more about betting at casinos and on mobile devices. These two pursuits are hugely well-liked in Ghana. The types of casino games that are offered and how to play them are covered in our guide to casino betting. These include video poker, blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.

Since many Ghanaian punters use mobile phones rather than PCs, our guide on mobile betting can be useful. If you are one of them, learn how to deposit, place bets, and withdraw all from your mobile phone.

Sports betting in Ghana today
As previously indicated, more Ghanaians continue to register with the local and international bookmakers that have a presence there. At least 20 bookies are reportedly allowed to provide sports betting services to Ghanaians. Every bettor in Ghana must be at least 18 years old to engage in any kind of betting activity, according to the country’s watchdog, the GGC.

The GGC Public Affairs Manager, Ms. Beatrice Baiden, asked for the Administrative police and the District Assemblies to work together in a previous event in 2021 to ensure that players gamble responsibly across the nation. This was done in an effort to clean up the betting business and eventually reduce and end underage sports betting.

In order to guarantee that their customers only gamble responsibly, she also issued a warning to betting service providers. Lawbreakers would be subject to sanctions, including having their licenses revoked.

Final Thoughts
In Ghana, sports betting is a booming industry and a well-liked past time. The government is keeping a close eye on the betting activities in Ghana, so it’s not completely indifferent to the problem.

Therefore, even if gambling is permitted by law in Ghana, it is the collective obligation of the Ghanaian people and the country’s betting service providers to uphold the established norms and regulations if the current state of affairs is to be maintained.

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