‘Give me the right answer’ Hvitsa transfer demands fall flat, Napoli announce

“he’s under contract with us, not for sale”

Hvitsa Kvarachelia (Napoli, 23) will not be leaving the club. The player asked for a transfer to Napoli, but the club declared him unavailable. At this point, it’s hard to see him leaving Napoli.

European transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano reported on Napoli’s official position on Sunday (July 17). In an official statement, Napoli said: “Following the announcement by Hvitsa Kvarachelia’s side, we would like to emphasize that his contract with us runs until 2027 and he is not available for transfer. During the contract period, the player’s representative (agent) does not decide his future, it is the club’s decision.”

Hvitsa Kvaradze joined Napoli in 2022. After playing on the European fringes in Georgia and Russia, he was discovered by Spalletti and led Napoli to their first title in 33 years, alongside ‘youngsters’ like Kim Min-Jae and Victor Osimhen.

Kim Min-jae was able to utilize the buyout clause in his move to Napoli to leave for UEFA Champions League title contenders Bayern Munich. Hvitsa Kvartachelia was also a key player in Napoli’s title-winning campaign and has been linked with Premier League clubs such as Arsenal.

While Kim Min-jae left, Hvitsa Kvartachelia and Victor Osimhen stayed with the team and played in Serie A. However, Spalletti’s departure from Napoli changed the team’s winning cycle. Although he remained a key player in Napoli’s core, the team struggled and failed to repeat their title success.

Antonio Conte will be looking to bounce back this season. According to 카지노 reports in Italy, Conte wanted to add top-class players as a condition of his arrival at Napoli. With no buyout clause, it’s hard to see key player Hvitsa Kvarachelia leaving Napoli unless a huge offer comes in.

Paris Saint-Germain are one of the teams linked with Hvitsa Kvarachelia. Paris Saint-Germain said goodbye to Mbappe at the end of the 2023-24 season. Mbappe’s replacement has been linked to Hvitsa Kvarachelia. According to French publication PSG Inside Actus, “The signing of Hvitsa Kvarachelia from Napoli is a top priority for Paris Saint-Germain.”

Mamuka Zugeli, the agent of Hvitsa Kvarachelia, said: “We want to leave Napoli, we believe that with Conte we can compete for the UEFA Champions League next season and win it. However, this does not mean that we do not want to stay at Hvitsa Kvartachelia,” said Jugelj, who has requested a transfer to Napoli.

If he leaves for Ligue 1 giants Paris Saint-Germain, he will also receive a significant increase in salary. His current salary is €15.4 million, but Paris Saint-Germain’s offer was €8 million per year. The team is a perennial Champions League contender, so Hvitsa Kvarachelia has a lot of motivation.

However, the request to sign Hvitsa Kvarachelia fell through. Napoli declared the player out of contract, citing the length of his contract. Paris Saint-Germain are also unlikely to give in to Napoli’s demands, as they’ve been focusing on signing quality players rather than spending big money since last year.

Even Hvitsa Kvarachelia’s father is likely to be against Napoli. “I don’t want my son to stay at Napoli. He’s had too many managers and too many wants in one year. I haven’t talked to my son about this yet. We will wait until Euro2024 is over.”

His agent will also not comment on the matter for now until Euro 2024. “The most important thing for Hvitsa Kvarachelia right now is the national team. Now we are preparing for Euro2024. Our goal is to play for a team that qualifies for the Champions League. Hvitsa Kvartachelia spent the last season with Napoli,” he insisted.

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