Figure Shinjia ‘breezes’ into final after 5th short at Junior GP

Back-to-back wins in second Grand Prix
‘Twin national’ Kim Yoo-sung finished 6th in short
South Korea’s next queen of figure skating

15-year-old Shin Jia, 한국야동 has improved her chances of winning back-to-back gold medals at the 2023-2024

International Ice Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix.

Shin scored 36.85 technical elements (TES) and 29.40 artistic elements (PCS) for a total of 66.25 points to take first

place in the women’s single short program at the fifth ISU Figure Junior Grand Prix 2023-2024 in Budapest, Hungary, on Wednesday (Feb. 22).

With a 4.6-point lead over Ayumi Shibayama (JPN)

Who finished second with 61.65 points, Shinjia will go for gold in the free skate on Wednesday.

After winning gold at the second Junior Grand Prix event, which concluded on February 2, 성인웹툰 Shinjia will be

looking to make it two gold medals in a row.

A gold medal will secure her a spot at the Junior Grand Prix Final in Beijing, China, this December. The Junior Grand Prix

Final is a king-of-the-hill competition, with the top six finishers competing.

In the 2022-2023 season, Xinjia won one gold and one silver medal in two Junior Grand Prix Series events, and she also

won a silver medal at the Junior Grand Prix Final.

After performing to the short program’s background music, “Enchanted Waltz,” Shinjia was judged to have underrotated

her first jump, a triple flip-triple toe-loop combination jump, meaning that the rotation of the jump was more than 90

degrees but less than 180 degrees. Her base score was lowered from 9.5 to 8.66, and her performance score (GOE) was deducted by 1.29 points.

She continued her performance with a flying sit spin (level 3), executing a double axel without a mistake and earning a GOE of 0.99.

She executed her triple lutz perfectly in the second half of her routine, which carries a 10% penalty, and earned a GOE of 2.11.

After completing all of her jumping tasks, Shinjia also executed all of her non-jumping elements perfectly. She finished

her routine with a change foot combination spin, step sequence, and layback spin, all at the highest level of difficulty, Level 4.

Her ‘twin’ junior national teammate Kim Yoo-sung

(14-Pyeongchon Middle School) scored 60.03 points in the short program to take sixth place.

Kim, who won silver at the first Junior Grand Prix at the end of last month, is just 1.09 points behind third-placed Anna

Pecchetta (ITA – 61.12) in the short program and has a good chance of medaling in the free skate. 19가이드03

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