Dr. Kim Jin-soo of Sejong Sports Orthopedics goes out of his way for young athletes

Head coach Kim Jin-soo organized a fruitful time for young players.

On the 24th, the 2023 KBL Youth Elite Camp High School is underway at the Yanggu-gun Youth Gymnasium in Gangwon-do. Starting with a greeting from 안전카지노사이트 President Kim Hee-ok, a total of 33 high school players passed the first day with warm-ups, high-intensity defense drills, and simple position-specific drills.

It wasn’t the end. On the final day of the program, the players were given injury prevention training. Once again, the entire team gathered at the Youth Gymnasium to listen to Dr. Kim Jin-soo, the head of Sejong Sports Orthopedics.

Starting with basic injury prevention education, Dr. Kim engaged the athletes with a variety of content, including taping, athlete development, and doping.

Instead of giving a rigid lecture, Kim tried to make it fun by showing his own experiences and video examples of basketball players.

After completing the theoretical training, Dr. Kim took charge of the medical treatment of the players with ankle problems by personally checking their physical condition with an ultrasound and giving them prescriptions.

Dr. Kim, who is an officially designated hospital of the KBL and a team doctor for the Seoul SK, wondered how he was able to organize such a beneficial time.

“I used to play basketball for a while when I was younger,” he said after the training. It felt good to see my young friends after a long time. In a way, it’s a concept like volunteering and donating talents, and I thought it would help the children a little bit. I’m not trying to give what I can, I’m just here because I like them.”

Having met many basketball players as well as the general public, Kim has some words of advice for young players.

“I teach injury prevention,” he said, “and you need to practice things like landing on both feet from a young age. In other countries, such drills are practiced from an early age.”

In addition to injury prevention education, Kim’s doping education was also impressive. He gave examples of common cold medicines, injections, and emergency medicines that athletes should be careful with.

Finally, Dr. Kim Jin-soo said, “We should know what doping means from a young age. We use drugs as an example to show them that they should never do it. I used shocking language to warn them, and I wanted to make sure it stuck in their heads,” he concluded.

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