Allegations of sexual assault for 2 years Police: The alleged person is not charged

Soccer star Ki Sung-yong (34· FC Seoul) has been acquitted due to insufficient evidence after two years of police investigation.

The criminal complaint that two people

including Mr. A

who was active in the soccer club at the same elementary school as Ki Sung-yong

defamed Ki Sung-yong by raising suspicions of sexual violence 바카라사이트닷컴

was also dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

According to the police on the 2th

the Seocho Police Station in Seoul decided on the 2th to dismiss the case of two people

including Mr. A

who was accused of defamation by disseminating false information

as “insufficient evidence” and “no charges.”

As for whether Ki Sung-yong had committed sexual violence

the police official said

We considered the relevant evidence to be insufficient.”

In February 17, Mr.

A and others claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Player B

a senior from January to June 10

when they were playing soccer at an elementary school in Jeollanam.

They did not mention Ki Sung-yong’s name

but from the content

it could be inferred that Player B was Ki Sung-yong.

When the relevant information became known

Ki Sung-yong sued Mr. A

and others for defamation in March of the same year and filed a lawsuit for 2 million won in damages.

In March last year

the first trial of the lawsuit for damages was held in the Seoul Central District Court

but the trial has been postponed pending the outcome of the criminal case in which Ki Sung-yong accused Mr. A and others.

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